Change Acceleration Workshop

2017-01-20 15:21:43

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business in partnership with General Electric conducts the “Change Acceleration (CAP) Workshop”

Change Acceleration Process (CAP) is a 3 day classroom workshop that equips participants with knowledge, skills and tools to confidently and effectively lead people and teams through organizational change.

Change is inevitable and a business reality for everyone. There is a direct correlation between change success and the work we do in leading the people-side. GE spends millions each year on changes intended to help address business and competitive realities. If those changes don’t “stick,” the business suffers and the investment in the change effort is lost. Furthermore, leading people through change is important for employee satisfaction and retention. For all these reasons, leading the people side of change is not just simply the right thing to do, it’s a business imperative.

Program Curriculum

Change Acceleration Process Workshop is a combination of interactive learning and application of the teachings to real-world change projects currently under way at GE. The various elements of GE’s tried and true CAP process are covered through facilitated discussion, group exercises and dialog. Teams break out after each element overview and apply learnings and tools to the real-world practice project their group selects. Everyone has the opportunity to lead their workshop teams through tools, and receive confidence-building, constructive feedback on facilitation skills. The session culminates in a final activity where you apply everything you’ve learned during the workshop about effective change leadership.

For Whom

If you are (or are interested in being) a leader of people, projects, or teams – particularly those implementing organizational change initiatives – the Change Acceleration Process Workshop is for you. All managers or leaders will benefit from learning about effectively leading the human-side of change and the critical role this plays in achieving a successful outcome and realizing desired business results.


CAP is a proven model for leading the people side of change. During the Change Acceleration Process Workshop, you will learn why managing the people side of change is so critical to achieving change success and business results, the elements of the model and how to execute on the tools that support effective change leadership. You will understand roles and ingredients of a successful change team, stakeholder resistance and influencing strategies to mitigate. The course underscores the importance of establishing metrics to measure acceptance and commitment, and strategies to ensure organizational changes are sustained.

Dates: April 5-7, 2017

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