1st Official Kazakhstan Tech Talk by Google at NUGSB

2015-07-11 10:42:36

GSB Career Services is happy to present first official Kazakhstan Tech Talk by Google’s representative Mr Galymzhan Uteulin, Software Engineer which will be held for all Nazarbayev University students on Monday, 7th September from 12 noon to 2 pm  at Graduate School of Business Building.
This tech talk will introduce Spanner, Google’s Globally-Distributed Database. Spanner is scalable, multi-version, globally distributed, and synchronously-replicated database, first of its kind in the industry. The talk will give a high level overview of the various aspects of the database, including physical and logical data layout and externally-consistent distributed transactions.
The other part of the talk will provide a high-level overview of how software engineers work internally at Google, and will describe our Google student programs, especially scholarship and internship processes and deadlines.


Galymzhan Uteulin is a Software Engineer at Google New York office where he currently works in Storage Infrastructure. There Galymzhan is working on highly scalable archival backup storage systems. Before joining Google, Galymzhan worked as a Software Developer Engineer at Amazon, being fortunate to build various parts of the systems in the company.
He received the B.S. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Purdue University in 2009.
Please  check your e-mail from Anna Kim, Career Services Senior Manager, to register for the event or contact her in case you have any questions.