A three-day training named "Management of Innovative Projects in Mining and Metallurgical Complex" was held at NUGSB

2017-08-31 09:08:32

The cooperation between Eurasian Group (ERG) and Nazarbayev University, which is actively developing recently, is taking new forms.

In particular, from August 23 to August 25, 2017, the Graduate School of Business hosted a three-day training named “Management of Innovative Projects in Mining and Metallurgical Complex”. The program was designed by Graduate School of Business and School of Mining and Earth Sciences for the winners of the ERG Innovators Forum and consisted of three stages.


During the first stage, which was called “Intellectual-Innovative Cluster”, the participants visited the Technopark and several laboratories and got acquainted with the innovative potential of Nazarbayev University. After that, they attended the lecture of the Associate Professor of the NU GSB Cincia Colapinto on the topic of “Innovation Management”. At the end of the first day, Dr. Cincia Colapinto lead a business game with participants on the topic “Development of new products”, during which the students, divided into two teams, created a model and prototype of a car from a set of simple materials. Both teams showed a creative approach to the task and created truly amazing models.


The second stage of the program was conducted by Associate Professor of the School of Mining and Earth Sciences, Dr. Sergei Sabanov, and dedicated to the study of methods for estimating the cost of production. During the session, Dr. Sabanov talked about the international and local standards of feasibility studies, automation and new communication technologies in MMC, as well as evaluation of projects in mining industry. The participants asked many questions and discussed with the lecturer the problems they are facing during their professional activities.


The third stage of the program conducted by Professor Mladen Radujkovich was dedicated to Project Management. Dr. Radujkovich who has an extensive experience in Project Management used to serve as a President and Vice-President of IPMA (International Project Management Association). During the session, Dr. Radujkovich informed the listeners on modern trends in Project Management, shared his experience on how to make projects successful, and answered numerous questions from participants.


In general, the first experience of creating a complex program for the staff of the Eurasian Group was successful and it is necessary to develop and deepen it further.