Akmaral Myrzabekova

Full-Time MBA, 2015

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Economics and Statistics in 2005, I worked for various national development institutions such as the Public-Private Partnership Center and the Kazakhstan Development Bank. When I looked at all MBA programs (both local and international), I wanted to find a program in English, practice oriented, based on an international curriculum, and more importantly, with world-class professors. NUGSB really was the environment in which I wanted to study.

The admissions process for Full-time MBA program was simple and transparent. Admissions managers not only guided me during the application process, but they also were very professional, friendly, and supportive. I knew immediately that this program was going to be at an international level.

The NUGSB Full-time MBA program has been a great and memorable experience. I enjoyed every single class I have taken. The classes are well organized, well equipped, and built around small group activities with real-world cases and assignments.  Both the NUGSB and the visiting professors from the Duke University are highly professional with international experiences. Their lectures opened my mind, developed skills I lacked, and enriched me with new knowledge. The staff are always open, available, and highly interested in each student’s progress. The team building and career weeks, as well as the Distinguished Guest Lecture Series, are bonuses I would not miss – these events interconnect people, building long lasting friendships and professional networks.          

Other things that really shaped my experience were my exposure to global leaders in business and government. Where else can you interact in person with the founder on the private equity business, a famous US general, the Presidents of different countries, and the world’s billionaires?

NUGSB is building a strong ground for Kazakhstan’s future leaders!