Anvar Nizamov

Full-Time MBA, 2015

I was working as a translator for a large mining company when I realized I needed to move out of my comfort zone and explore other opportunities to reach my professional potential. High quality education was a critical component of my vision, and I started looking at different graduate programs. I had heard about NUGSB from a colleague who had visited one of the information sessions here.
My very first contact with the NUGSB team made it clear to me that this was a wonderful place with the right spirit – vibrant, innovative, and welcoming. The entire admission process was organized extremely effectively, with clarity and timeliness in each aspect. However, the thing that struck me most about interacting with the NUGSB team was their friendliness and personal touch; it was obvious to me that this program was going to be an extremely exciting journey.

My highest expectations were exceeded when I eventually was accepted and the program started. In addition to high-tech classrooms, an amazing library offering an enormous collection of academic resources, and superior dining and sports facilities, NUGSB has something else very important to offer – an opportunity to meet and interact with a lot of very special people. Thanks to this program I have been able to meet and talk on a regular basis to some of the most remarkable individuals from all over the world. Our professors, staff, and administrators are amazing in the way they manage to find the right balance between keeping us motivated to learn and ensuring we comply with challenging academic requirements. Another crucial part of my experience here has been an opportunity to work together with my outstanding classmates, each of whom has added their unique contribution to our team.
In conclusion, what amazes me most about this program is the design that balances a healthy competitive environment with the spirit of collaboration, facilitating hard work, synergy and creativity in everything we do.