Bakhytzhan Sagadiyev

MBA, 2015

I have been a student at NUGSB for 6 months now and here are the things I want to share. The program is extremely hard, challenging, and demanding. It is stressful and consumes a lot of your time. So, why would you want to apply here?

There are a lot of reasons, but I really want to focus only on three: world class professors; high level of standards and values; and the opportunity to meet incredible people.

I consider it a privilege to have had an opportunity to study and learn from the best professors at the top of their professional fields. They meticulously organize and plan their lectures, challenge your views and opinions and demand the best from you. You are constantly pushed out of your comfort zone and engaged in exciting debates.

I also want to mention the high level of professionalism and standards of performance and values instilled in NUGSB students. Students are not just expected to follow the rules and procedures, but are held to the highest and strictest standards of world class business schools.

Lastly, I have had an opportunity to meet and interact with amazing people, including leaders in business and government through my MBA program. You get to listen and share ideas with people all over the world that have achieved great successes in their professional and personal lives.