Career week II at NUGSB

2018-06-21 11:25:25

NUGSB hosted  Career week II last week, on June 12-15, 2018


During Career week II NUGSB attended by representatives of both large organizations and small companies, who shared with students their experiences and specifics of their work . Representatives of such companies as Shevroon, Shell, Kaspi bank, McKinsey, Good Project, and many others were visited business school. Moreover, NUGSB Alumni of the Executive MBA, FTMBA and MEM programs came to share their experience too.


Here at NUGSB we greatly appreciate the continued support and the guidance our MBA and MSF students receive from company representatives, alumni, professors, and staff. We had great time and discussions with company representatives staying after class session for informal networking with student during coffee breaks.


This year our FTMBA and MSF met with almost 40 guests representing18 different companies

Warm thanks to all of our guest speakers:

  • Balaji Krishnamurthy, Deputy Managing Director of Eurasia Business Unit, Chevron
  • Dinara Khussainova, HR Account Manager Resourcing, Shell Kazakhstan
  • Adiya Bitanova, HR Operations Manager, Resourcing & JV support, Shell Kazakhstan
  • Amir Kenchinbayev, Economist, Shell Kazakhstan
  • Zagipa Tukenova, Asset Finance Manager NCSPSA&Pearls, Shell Kazakhstan
  • Daniya Akhmetzhanova – recruiter, McKinsey
  • Alibek Yessov – consultant, recruiter, McKinsey
  • Rustam Orazaliyev – consultant, McKinsey
  • Azat Myrzagaliyev – consultant, McKinsey
  • Bakhtiyar Rustem – consultant, McKinsey
  • Zhanibek Assylbekov – consultant, McKinsey
  • Sultan Urazakov – consultant, McKinsey
  • Dmitry Tsoy – consultant, McKinsey
  • Tim Bennett, CEO of Astana International Exchange Ltd.
  • Renat Bekturov, CFO of Astana International Exchange Ltd.
  • Zhanna Syzdykova HR, The Astana International Exchange (AIX)
  • Rakhim Ibragimov, MBA, Senior Manager Finance, Air Astana
  • Aigerim Iskakova, Recruiter, Air Astana
  • Oleg Bahmutov, Head, HR, Kaspi Bank
  • Duman Uvatayev, Chief Data Officer, Kaspi Bank
  • Yuliya Tulebayeva, Kaspi Bank
  • Nauruz Japakov, Best Practices, LLC
  • Alibek Kabylbay, Managing Director, the Autonomous Cluster Fund,
  • Medet Dyussembayev, Director of Technology Transfer Centre – National Agency for Technological Development
  • Yernar Zharkeshov, General Director, CSI
  • Olzhas Hudaibergenov, Director, Senior Partner, CSI
  • Ayman Zhomartkyzy, HR Specialist, CSI
  • Aynur Hamzina, Recruitment and Adaptation Specialist, Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLC
  • Zhannat Babagulova, Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLC
  • Svetlana Zhalkovskaya, The Bolashak Group
  • Meruert Zhumagulova, Factura School
  • Gulmira Amatova, Zhas Kemenger
  • Richard Castleberry, Head of Business Development for Academic Programs, NUGSB
  • Phillip Bell, Center for Preparatory Studies, NU


Special thanks to our Alumni:

  • Temirgali Aimyshev (MEM program),
  • Nurassyl Zharbassov, Caspian Sea Support LLP
  • Vladimir Li, Reinforced Concrete Plant, Karagandy
  • Leila Leshova, Good Project

We hope to see all of you here at NUGSB again!

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