Data analytics basics for executives, workshop

2020-10-13 14:21:49

Data analytics basics for executives, workshop

November 16-27, 2020

Understanding data analysis is an essential skill for modern managers. It is no longer enough to hand responsibility off to data experts. To be able to rely on the evidence your analysts give you, you need to know where it comes from and how it was generated—and what it can and can’t teach you.

Using quantitative analysis as part of executive decision making helps you uncover new information and provides you with more confidence in your choices—and you don’t need to be deeply proficient in statistics to do it. This self-paced course will give you the basics to better understand data and analytics, and how quantitative methods help you with challenging business decisions. 

Program Curriculum

We will cover the three fundamental steps of data analysis: gathering information, making sense of data, and communicating the results to get buy-in and motivate others to action. This is a higher level course for managers, and the focus in not on learning statistics. That being said, we will learn some important and commonly used techniques of analysis as part of the course. No prior knowledge of statistics is required for you to understand and learn these tools. 

For Whom

  • Professionals in management positions who wants to be more data driven
  • Executives looking to create and foster a data centric decision making culture in their organization.


Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to: 

  • Work effectively with data scientists and analysts. 
  • Run business experiments and A/B testing
  • Visualize your data clearly and powerfully 
  • Understand the basics of regression analysis and statistical significance
  • Distinguish between correlation and causation
  • Identify when to invest in machine learning—and how to proceed
  • Communicate and defend your findings to stakeholders
  • Sidestep cognitive biases when making decisions

Date: November 16-27, 2020. 

How: 6 online interactive sessions, recorded lectures, case study and discussions, assignments via Learning Management Software.  

PERIOD: 16-27 November’2020

Program Faculty

AtanuDr. Atanu Rakshit, Assistant Professor of Economics

PhD (Economics) Virginia Tech. USA, Masters (Applied Economics), Virginia Tech., USA

Dr. Atanu Rakshit received his PhD in Economics and M.S. in Applied Economics from Virginia Tech. USA, and his research and teaching interests are in Applied Econometrics, Public Economics, and International Macro-Finance. Professor Rakshit’s current research is focused on differential access to capital among minority led startups, and market reaction to firm’s CSR measures.   
Prior to commencing his graduate studies in the U.S., Professor Rakshit worked as a Project Associate on a Central Statistical Organization, Govt. of India project on Natural Resource Accounting in India (2003-2005). He has many years of experience consulting and working with international developmental agencies, academia, sovereign wealth funds and public enterprises. Before joining the Graduate School of Business at NU, Atanu was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at the Williams School of Commerce, Politics and Economics at Washington and Lee University, USA.