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Career Week

NUGSB Career Services Center closely works with students and potential employers in finding the right match and fit for both of these stakeholders. Students participate in a series of career development events during their studies at GSB. These events are formed into Career Weeks and are held during the academic program:

I Career Week – November

II Career Week- March

III Career Week – September


2020 Cohort

The I Career Week for our FTMBA & MSF 2020 cohorts took place in 11-15 November. A variety of activities were performed throughout the program — CV writing, interview tips, mock interviews with potential employers, creating a target list of potential employers, making professional photos for LinkedIn.

During I Career Week students were able to take part in several sessions such as: 10 images slide, STAR stories, FIT framework, LAMP list and etc. Also we had a Networking event where students had a chance to meet representatives from companies in different industries. Our students got a chance to meet with representatives from the following companies: Bayer, Nestle, Philip Morris, KazMinerals, McKinsey, BOLT, Altyn Bank, Geometry, Whiteshield Partners, KPMG, PwC, Beeline, SHELL, Kazatomprom, AIX, AIFC, Schlumberger.

The series of the Career Weeks have a specific structure and content, which aims at helping students to find the right industry where they would like to apply the knowledge, experience and to learn something new.