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This course will equip participants with key concepts and types of negotiation. You will learn to build successful negotiation strategies. You need this course if you want to achieve your personal and professional goals more effectively.



Whether you are aware of it or not, we are often in negotiation situations. Negotiation then is a decision-making process by which two or more people agree how to allocate scarce and dependent resources; it is the art and science of securing agreements between two or more interdependent parties. Negotiation entails getting information from another party, determining what information you have to selectively give to get that information, and analyzing that information to make strategic offers.

This course will introduce key concepts in negotiation, such as BATNA [Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement], RP [Reservation Price] plan and ZOPA [Zone of Possible Agreement]. We will cover simple single issue, two-party negotiations and then more complex multi-issue two party negotiations. Finally, we will cover the thorny questions of ethics and dispute resolution, i.e., situations where a claim has been made by one party and rejected by the other party. If you want to taste a program, you can watch Dr. Akemu's master class on Negotiations in English by following the link

Dates: May 17-28, 2021

Price: 155 000 KZT

Up to 20% off for those who will pay before April 23, 2021. For more information about discounts please contact our managers.

If you want to taste a program, you can watch Dr. Akemu's master class on Negotiations in English by following the link

For whom?

The course is designed for executives, managers, professionals, consultants, planners etc.

Those who want to achieve their personal and professional goals more effectively

What will you learn?

Understand the central concepts in negotiation

Improve ability to analyze negotiation situations

Learn how to develop a strategic plan to negotiate effectively

Develop a toolkit of useful negotiation skills, strategies, and approaches

Program Faculty

Onajomo Akemu

Assistant Professor in Strategy & Entrepreneurship Graduate School of Business at Nazarbayev University

PhD in Management & Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam School of Management
MBA, London Business School
M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering, Imperial College London

Dr. Akemu's research and teaching focuses on decision making and strategy implementation within nascent entrepreneurial ventures; improving qualitative methodology; and managerial effectiveness in established organizations.

Prior to graduate studies, he worked in the international oil & gas industry and also advised start-up enterprises in the Netherlands.


Program Schedule

Session 1

Introduction to core concepts in negotiations. Distributive negotiations: S...

Session 2

Distributive negotiations: Simple two-party negotiations (continued)

Session 3

Integrative negotiations: Multiple issue, Two-Party negotiations

Session 4

Integrative negotiations: Multiple issue, Two-Party negotiations (continued)

Session 5

Multi-party, multiple issue negotiation

Session 6

Negotiating using virtual technology and ethics

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