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Executive MBA

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program provides a unique learning environment for executive students by bringing together working professionals from diverse backgrounds. The EMBA program is delivered in English with simultaneous translation into Russian.


While your organization will part with your emba students during weekend programs and international residencies, their learning will be immediately applicable to the workplace each time they return. We encourage employers to be sensitive to the demands of the program, so as to realize the highest return on their investment.

Each executive and sponsoring organization has unique goals and perspectives to bring to this program. The nugsb emba recognizes that the most successful students will be able to apply their education immediately at the workplace. To encourage this process each student will be required to work on a thesis that directly relates to their career objectives and which will be evaluated by nugsb faculty. Through this opportunity, the sponsoring organization can directly benefit from the emba experience.

The program requires a significant investment of time and attention. Students enrolled in this program successfully balance their significant professional and personal responsibilities with the rigors of the academic curriculum. Students are expected to spend substantial time each week on academics. Every student manages their time differently; some study for a few hours each day while others may study during weekends. It’s important to find a routine that works for each student, their team, family, and colleagues. Gaining the support of significant other, family, and co-workers— will be key to success. Some companies help to alleviate workload by providing their employees with additional support (e.g., staff support, time off), but most students receive no relief in their responsibilities.

The program consists of 11 core courses, 4 electives, and 1 project/thesis. The core courses cover the foundation of a general management education: finance, operations, marketing, strategy, accounting, and leadership. The electives allow students to enhance skills in areas such as, investments, negotiations, leadership, and strategy. The project/thesis requires each student to apply this education to his/her career.

Success in this program demands a high level mastery of quantitative skills; however, quantitative excellence alone is not sufficient. The program requires students to use and improve leadership, management, and other qualitative skills necessary in today’s global business environment.

Yes, attendance at all courses and residencies is a requirement. This is a program which requires you to move step by step at the same time as your classmates and you are required to move through the curriculum with your classmates. In areas in which a particular EMBA student has experience, he/she is able to make a major contribution to the conversation in class, as well as in group work.

The NUGSB EMBA program is an immersive and intense learning experience. Even if a student is a resident of Astana, he/ she must live on campus during the weekend residencies. Residency adds to the group learning environment, and is essential for EMBA students to fully absorb the learning objectives for each course.

During the eight day orientation the student is introduced to technology necessary for a successful EMBA experience. Most students are comfortable with word processing, e-mail and the internet; now spreadsheets, electronic bulletin boards and other electronic tools become essential. We recommend that you have basic skills, at least excel, word, and powerpoint to help you succeed.

Every student in the program needs a reliable laptop as well as a stable internet service provider (ISP). These tools are essential for completing the program requirements. Once you are accepted to the program, you will receive more details about computer and software requirements.

The NUGSB EMBA is an english language program. However, simultaneous translation, and translation of select course materials is provided to support students with weaker english. While this support does permit students with weak english skills to participate in the program, the primary language of instruction remains english

Essay 1 

In 500 words, or less describe how your education and work, and life experience will contribute to your classmates’ MBA experience.

Essay 2 

In 500 words or less describe three things others do not know about you.

We prefer that recommendation letters come from a current or former employer. An applicant may also request letters from individuals with whom they have had significant professional/academic interaction such as a supervisor, professor or a major client. It is important for recommenders to be able to reflect/describe applicant’s value as an employee, his/her professional accomplishments, and personal qualities and interpersonal skills in an organizational context. We do not accept recommendation letters from friends, family members or any other personal contacts.

An applicant should indicate contact details (name, corporate email, phone numbers) of their recommenders in the application form. The recommendation forms are automatically generated by the admissions system and sent to the recommenders via email. The recommendation forms should be filled in and emailed to with indicating the applicant’s name in the title.

If an applicant requires an interview, the Admissions Officer will contact him/her to schedule one.

NUGSB offers limited number of merit-based scholarships that cover from up to 50% of the tuition fee.

You may contact us by phone or email:

Graduate School of Business:  

Phone: 7 7172 70 90 28, 70 91 74, 70 57 42