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Atanu Rakshit


Atanu Rakshit

PhD (Economics) Virginia Tech. USA, Assistant Professor of Economics

Research interests


Subject areas

Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Applied Econometrics, Economy of China.


Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business Office No. 6.039 Office: +7 (7172) 70 90 35 E-mail:

Dr. Atanu Rakshit received his PhD in Economics and M.S. in Applied Economics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and his research and teaching interests are in Applied Econometrics, Public Economics, and International Macro-Finance. Atanu’s current research is focused on application of non-linear time series econometrics, the impact of fiscal policy on interest rates and hierarchy in organizations.
Prior to commencing his graduate studies in the U.S., Atanu worked as a Project Associate on a Central Statistical Organization, Govt. of India project on Natural Resource Accounting in India (2003-2005). Atanu has many years of experience consulting and working with international developmental agencies, academia, sovereign wealth funds and public enterprises. Before joining the Graduate School of Business at NU, Atanu was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at the Williams School of Commerce, Politics and Economics at Washington and Lee University, USA. Atanu speaks Bengali, Hindi, English and basic Mandarin and Russian.

Recent Academic Publications

“Do markets care enough about deficit to raise future cost of capital? New evidence of nonlinear effect of deficit “under submission to Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

“What Makes Non-Family CEOs More Effective Managers?” Atanu Rakshit, Dmitry Khanin, accepted to Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research papers, Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (under submission to Academy of Management Journal)

Working Papers

“Bayesian Learning and Statistical Discrimination in the Market for Small Business Loans” with Jonathan Peterson (in progress, 2016)

“The Impact of Stock Market Uncertainty on Real Exchange Rates” (in progress, 2015)

Professor Rakshit’s research is in Applied Econometrics, Public Economics and Macroeconomics. He is also interested in topics on emerging economies, mainly those on China and India. His current research focuses on hierarchy in organizations, dimensions of family business management as well as discrimination in credit markets.

Decision Models
Economics of Emerging Markets