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Timothy Wawn


Timothy Wawn

MBA, Australian Graduate School of Management

Research interests

Startups, Entrepreneurship and Management

Subject areas

Entrepreneurship and Management


Tim is an Instructor in Entrepreneurship and Management at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NUGSB). He holds a Masters’ degree in Economics from Macquarie University and a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Tim possesses over 20 years’ experience as MD/CEO of listed and private companies and has been involved in a wide range of start-up enterprises as a CEO, Director and/or investor. He has broad experience working in international markets, particularly the United States and Central Asia and has over 10 years’ experience as a public company director. He possesses extensive experience in the commercialization of new technologies, business development and business transformation.

Tim joined NUGSB in 2020 and is also the Chair of the Nazarbayev University Solidarity Initiative Executive Committee and President of the Rotary Club of Astana 2020-21.

1. Wawn T., Green J., McDonald L., Experienced Insights of Australian Managers, Enterprising Nation: Renewing Australia’s managers to meet the demands of the Asia/Pacific Century, Industry Taskforce on Leadership and Management Skills, (1995)

My research interests are focused on startups, entrepreneurship and management

Entrepreneurship and Management