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Interview with EMBA and FTMBA alumni at


Interview with EMBA and FTMBA alumni at

Talgat Imangaliyev, ЕМВА 2016, General Director of WorleyParsons Kazakhstan

What made you think for further education?

— Firstly it was a desire to acquire new knowledge, continue career growth, fundamentally change my perception and life though leaving the comfort zone, strike up new and useful acquaintances, and extend friendship network. I handled it all via progressive education provided by NU GSB together with Fuqua Business School of Duke University.

What can you advice future program students?

— Lessons schedule under ЕМВА is convenient, but you need to prepare yourself that the programs requires for high involvement and resources not only within a training process but also during own immersion and participation in the program that includes additional reading, home and team work. Additionally I advise to be ready to various life situations, be friendly and open to new acquaintances, do not hesitate to ask for help and be ready to come to the rescue, i.e. recover as much benefits from training process as possible if you have such a happy opportunity.

Asset Kurmanbayev, EMBA 2019, General Manager of Legal Department of Tengizchevroil

Why did you choose Executive MBA in NUGSB?

— I chose Nazarbayev University to obtain actually worthy and qualitative equitation. It was my aim to enter this Program starting with the moment I knew about program launching.

How did you manager to combine training and work?

— I succeeded thanks to the support and understanding of my family, colleagues, of course, as well as time management and self-discipline. This applies not only to training process. I would recommend taking small notes, so-called to-do list for the next day, etc. At the end of each day I check what has been done and make a new to-do list. I try to set myself the most ambitious goals, which helps me, do more than if I set myself achievable goals.

Meruert Jakipbekova, alumni of FT MBA 2017, Leading Analyst of Analytical Center of ERG Commercial Center

How did you choose your referees?

— I addressed those people I worked closely with under a certain project where I managed to approve myself. For example, Managing Director of the Company I worked for was one of my referees. When drafting a letter of recommendation my Head in charge detailed the project itself and my work under it, challenges we faced and ways we overcame these.

Which work experience and academic degree are needed to MBA?

— There are no specific requirements regarding where you should work and which position you should occupy, as well as previous major to enter MBA. More important is whether you are an expert in the area you work, what are your achievements in professional and academic life. Additionally, what you do in your free time, what your hobbies and public life are is of great importance.

What would you advice future MBA students in terms of documents preparation?

— It worth’s paying attention to writing an essay. The essay should be written concisely and correctly, include your achievements, specific real life examples helping the committee to understand who you are and what you are. During the interview you will be asked about what contribution and benefit you can bring both to the program and to your classmates. It is important to answer sincerely and to tell about the unique knowledge and skills  you possess and will be able to share with others.

Assel Mussina, FT MBA 2017, Risk Management Supervisor in KPMG Tax & Advisory

Is it possible to enter MBA without foreign education?

— Of course! My first high education was from KazNY named after Al- Farabi, Department of foreign affairs, major “Regional studies”. I studies history, economics, languages and culture of AP region. After graduation of school, I had no intention to study abroad. That time Almaty was the main student city for both me and my family and KazNU – one of the best Universities for undergraduate studies.

Is it possible to pass math tests successfully without specific math knowledge and skills?

— It is possible! After school, I did not have much practice in this subject, although I was always fond of algebra and trigonometry. Upon admission, I had some concerns about passing ALEKS math test, and I was preparing myself and went to GMAT courses. The test was passed well, and using the second attempt, I managed to improve the result.

Tamerlan Talgayev, first international student of the School, FT MBA 2016, entrepreneur

As a first international student of NUGSB why did you choose this program and school?

— There are full-time and executive programs at NUGSB, each of which of a different duration. I selected a full-time option. In addition, key criteria for choosing were program quality, language of instruction, and, of course, cost of training (high-quality MBA programs cost sizable amounts).

An important fact for me was also NUGSB collaboration with Fuqua Business School of Duke University, which guaranteed an excellent teaching staff, as well as program methodology, which was in top 3 world ratings of that year. The duration of full-time program is optimal.

Nursultan Dyussembayev, FT MBA 2015, Product Manager of Start-up in Silicon Valley

How to successfully continue career path after program completion?

— To my opinion after graduation from MBA program (exception is EMBA) it is highly desirable to change a place of work, area of activities and accept new responsibilities in order to transform acquired knowledge and skills successfully to a continuous growth. As MBA helps to open a fresh perspective to things the alumni reduces a practical value of obtained experience if returns to a customary environment.

Your advice to future МВА students who plan to work abroad?

— It is better to know more about hiring system in the country to line up a job hunting strategy in accordance with these requirements. For example in USA the possibility of contacting the recruiter or hiring manager is an important part of application filling. Additionally it is better to work at development of professional network of acquaintance. International professors of NUGSB are an excellent resource to align first contacts. Moreover, you can use LinkedIn and communicate actively employees of the company you would like to join.