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The “Data Analysis for Executives” course successfully finished at NUGSB


The “Data Analysis for Executives” course successfully finished at NUGSB

During the period from 16 to 27th of November this year Graduate School of Business held its first open enrollment program in online format - “Data Analysis for Executives”. GSB Assistant professor of Economics Dr. Atanu Rakshit was an instructor of the course.

Data analysis competence - a skill necessary for modern managers. This course is designed for employees, who do not process data but take decisions based on the formed data, for instance, a financial report. In the course of the educational program, participants familiarized themselves with the basics of business experiments and A/B testing, learned what to pay attention to and how to avoid cognitive biases upon data-based decision making and other fundamentals of data analysis.

In the given period Dr. Rakshit taught 6 interactive one-hour and a half long sessions held in the evenings. Participants were granted access to the learning management system with course materials. Recordings of the sessions with an instructor in two languages were also provided on the system, so participants could independently watch them in a convenient time.

The Graduate School of Business plans to hold this program in 2021 based on the feedback from participants. To learn more about our short-term programs please visit our website.