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The MHRM program helps to make a career in human resources


The MHRM program helps to make a career in human resources

In today’s uncertain world, human resources play a vital role in helping to transform organizations and creating a more sustainable work environment.

A sustainable work environment is a key ingredient of every organization's success, and as a result, the need to develop good human resource management practices is more crucial than ever. We spoke with Patrick Duparcq, dean of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business, and Mayowa T. Babalola, Associate Professor, MHRM Program Director, and discussed the place where students can get high-quality knowledge in human resource management.

- Patrick, Mayowa, good afternoon! Thank you for your time. Human resource management is a cornerstone in the ecosystem of any organization focused on high performance. However, for those who want to get an education in this field, it is difficult to choose a suitable program. Can you tell us about your MHRM program – what is it?

Mayowa: We, at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business, have co-created the Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) program together with industry experts and several partner universities, backed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ project. In designing the program, we intentionally created a blend between industry relevance and academic rigour to help professionals deepen their insights on cutting edge issues in the field of HRM. Graduates of the proposed MHRM program are expected to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in positions they occupy throughout their careers to enhance their organization’s performance and, in turn, the country's economic development.

The MHRM program targets early to mid-career professionals in HR functions, broadly defined and wants to gain theoretical and practical perspectives on managing talent and people. In addition, we also seek students who are interested in acquiring knowledge and new skills and further develop existing skills to be able to pursue career opportunities in the HR and organizational field.

The key factor in selecting a course is the professional level of the faculty. What can you say about the faculty of the MHRM program?

Mayowa: Professors who will be teaching in the program are top scholars in their field and obtained their PhD from top-ranked Universities in the world.

Patrick: All our faculty are world-class researchers in their fields. They all have research profile far above the global average, with 80% of publications in Q1 journals. This means, students will get the state-of-the-art in modern Human Resource Management, but also meet the people that help shape the nature of Human Resource Management tomorrow

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the practical part is also important. Does the program focus on practice?

Mayowa: So, what we are offering students is a unique opportunity to work on real life cases that are relevant to the practice of HR and the development of HR-related competencies. So in this program students will learn about talent management, strategic human resource management, labor law, how to better design performance of reward system, HR analytics, leadership among others.

Sounds exciting, but what about flexibility? Many of those who dream of continuing their studies after the bachelor's degree doubt whether it will be possible to combine study with work...

Patrick: We have chosen format of delivery that we think will make this program very convenient for working professionals. It will be a part time weekend program; it will have mix of blended online content as well. It will be taught in English but with Russian translation.

Mayowa: The proposed 22-month NUGSB MHRM program is similar to programs offered by many highly regarded and accredited business schools in the U.S, Europe and internationally, should be attractive to this target audience as program participants undergo rigorous training while minimizing opportunity costs, which include time away from the workplace for the working professional. This is particularly relevant for mid-career professionals, who prefer not to exit the job market for a period of time. Our survey of HR managers indicates strongly that potential students at firms prefer to stay in employment while studying for the program. Hence, the design of the program envisages a weekend mode.

Does the program include an internship abroad?

Mayowa: Yes, The program also offers an international residency component, where students will be able to spend a period of two weeks with one of our European partners within the Erasmus+ consortium.

Patrick: Moreover, the program is designed in a such way that students will be on track to get international certifications.

- Thank you for the interview!

People play an important role in the success of any business. The way employees do their jobs can be both a brake and an engine for a company's progress. Effective human resources management gives a company an edge over the competition, and as an HR professional, you will play a key role in how successful your organization is. This is an important and responsible mission. You can take on a new professional level by studying in a human resource management program such as MHRM. The program will begin in fall 2021. The application process has already started.

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