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Where to complete a real Financial Expert course


Where to complete a real Financial Expert course

The MSF Program at Nazarbayev University (NU) has successfully trained many unique specialists and has several currently enrolling in the program. The MSF degree provides great opportunity to advance in career or get a job with one’s dream company

The MSF Program at Nazarbayev University is a joint project of the Graduate School of Business and the National Bank of Kazakhstan. The goal of the project is to train professionals who can easily navigate both in global finance market and in the domestic financial sector. The best students have a unique opportunity to get a full Scholarship and follow on employment in the National Bank after graduation.

“Now, we are opening the admission for the fourth intake for the MSF program. Training lasts 16 months, which is the perfect duration: similar programs in the world last from 9 months to two years. The mode of study is full-time, so it will not be possible to combine study with work. However, when certain circumstances arise due to external factors, such as the latest global pandemic, we switch to online training using advanced technologies in order to keep the program on track”, — said the Academic Director of the Program, Professor Marek Jochec.

One of the features of the Program is an internship in a division of the National Bank. Additionally, there is a two-week residency in London, where CASS Business School professors teach graduates banking and investment banking skills using real cases. Furthermore, the graduates visit the London Stock Exchange in order to experience the atmosphere of one of the largest securities markets in the world. It should be noted that the teachers of the Graduate School of Business are very familiar with the realities of Kazakhstan. As such, they use Kazakhstan culture and business practices from local companies as the foundational basis to instruct students and develop the course material. Professor Marek Jochec, together with his fellow professors Atanu Rakshit and Onajomo Akemu, develop case study-learning tasks that are then used in the classroom, taking into account the aspects of the local market.

“As for the classes we teach, we start with the basics of Accounting and Finance, then we move on to Statistics and Econometrics, the Basics of Macro-Economics, and finally Investment. In addition, the graduates can choose elective courses, such as Insurance, Islamic Finance, Advanced Level of Econometrics -altogether a total of 17 subjects. In addition, great attention is paid to working with data: managing on the basis of big data, and not only on the basis of our experience and knowledge. This is a current trend that is followed at the University”, — the Professor emphasized.

During their studies, the graduates are given access not only to all the resources of NU, but also to specialized software and platforms, including Bloomberg Terminal — the World’s leading system of data, news and analytics in the field of Finance.

“We did not copy foreign programs, the reality in Kazakhstan is not the same as in America. We developed our program from the ground up, using the feedback from our recent graduates who are entrepreneurs, employees and company managers. We listen to their opinions: what knowledge and skills our graduates should have , — the Program Director explains.

The MSF program is intended for bachelor graduates, young specialists without work experience, or fledgeling specialists, as well as middle-rank managers. After completing the program, the Masters will have every chance to take management positions in the fields of investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Analytics, Insurance, Construction and Real Estate.

MSF 2021 Program admission is currently underway, and training under the Program will begin in August 2020. The Admissions Department conducts online consultations, which you can sign up for by clicking on the link.

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