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Where to get skills for a successful startup, article.

Saule Batyraliyeva told us how training in Business School helped her to launch her own start-up project. Saule Batyraliyeva, mother of three children, start-upper and student of MBA of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business told …


In business, issues are solved faster with good connections

You are worth exactly as much as your connections. It has long been known - the more people have great connections, the easier it is for them to solve problems.


What is the difference between teaching and research business schools?

A university professor should not only be demanding and able to explain his subject, but also have relevant information. Publications in well-known scientific journals are considered to be the main indicator of this relevance in the scientific community.


Выпускники школы бизнеса НУ: деятельность Ассоциации – статья в

Участник программы Executive MBA Нурасыл Джарбасов рассказал о создании Ассоциации выпускников Высшей школы бизнеса Назарбаев Университета.


Why foreigners go to study at the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business?

Good education is the key to a successful future. This is a firm foundation of professionalism, which gives confidence in their abilities and opens many doors.