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Executive MBA

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program provides a unique learning environment for executive students by bringing together working professionals from diverse backgrounds. The EMBA program is delivered in English with simultaneous translation into Russian.


Executive MBA

In our MBA program, you will learn how to apply decision-making tools to structure and analyze complex business problems. You will be challenged to explore new ideas and ways of thinking.

You will improve your personal and professional leadership skills. Our MBA program will prepare you to succeed in the complexity and uncertainty of an interdependent global economy. As you go through the MBA program, you will gain new skills, new ways of approaching complex problems and self-confidence.

The program is delivered in strategic partnership with Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.


Strategic partnership

The Executive MBA program is delivered in strategic partnership with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, a world leader in the area of MBA programs

Strong infrastructure and facilities

Nazarbayev University students have access to the world’s premier business publications through the NU Library. The university’s classrooms offer the latest technology and students use these tools to advance their learning and research

Keep working as you study

The Executive MBA program permits students to retain their full time employment while pursuing their degree. The program works with employers to ensure students are given proper time to focus on studies for the duration of the program


Become part of the growing NUGSB network of alumni who are successful business and government leaders in Kazakhstan and abroad

International Exposure

Students travel to Duke University for 2 weeks of courses and gaining an international educational experience

World-class faculty

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business professors are thought leaders in their discipline. Our faculty have graduated from top universities from around the world (Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD), and they conduct research on modern issues facing business and industry

Class Profile​ 2021


Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan


English with simultaneous translation

Delivery mode:



21 months

Program start:


World Experience:

International residency



Average work experience

13 years

35 years

Average age


Almassadam Satkaliyev

Executive MBA, 2014

CEO at “Samruk-Energy” JSC

My name is Almassadam Satkaliyev.

I am an EMBA student at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (Class of 2014).

Currently I work as a CEO at “Samruk-Energy” JSC. Samruk-Energy is a holding company with a mandate of implementing government policy in the energy sector. The company’s main spheres of activity are generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, and coal production. Samruk-Energy is represented almost in every region of the country, employing around 24 thousand people. The Company accounts for around 47% of Kazakhstan’s total electric capacity, almost 40% of the country’s electricity generation and coal production.

Today, in the era of globalization, the most important source of a company’s competitive advantage is its internal capabilities. Therefore, successful management of an organization requires a top manager to effectively mobilize a company’s resources in a way that both maximizes internal efficiency and meets external challenges.

Nazarbayev University, which was created on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, today is one of the most successful educational and scientific projects in the region.

NU GSB’s strategic partnership with the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, one of the leading business schools globally, ensures unique learning methods and approaches. Together with the university’s extraordinary faculty and advanced research base, this makes NU GSB a desired destination for gaining international knowledge and expertise required to meet today’s challenges of globalization and integration, while taking into account specifics of Kazakhstan. It is a great opportunity to meet my educational objectives, and to gain skills to adopt and implement new ideas and strategies in the management of my company.

The EMBA program at NU GSB provides me with an opportunity to acquire world-class knowledge from distinguished staff from around the world, while staying in Kazakhstan, allowing me to continue to work full-time.

I highly appreciate that here in Kazakhstan we have such a highlevel educational institution with international academic standards, whose graduates possess the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to make contributions to the development and prosperity of the economy of Kazakhstan. Therefore, as an employer I encourage and support the education of our top-managers through participation in NUGSB’s degree and non-degree programs.


Aliya Jaxiyeva

Executive MBA, 2014

IT Planning and PMO Supervisor, Tengizchevroil

When I learned that Nazarbayev University partnered with the Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and launched the Executive MBA (EMBA) program, I saw this as an opportunity to advance my knowledge in areas critical for my professional growth as a leader. Although this EMBA program has been intense and demanding, I find it to be one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. First and foremost, I benefit from learning from top notch professors and interacting with other executive level peers from diverse backgrounds. We definitely push each other to think critically and creatively. For example, we often share our experiences by working in teams on challenging business cases and through lively discussions on different exciting business topics.

In addition, this program offers a convenient class schedule (weekend residencies) for busy professionals like myself. And its modular structure allows me to apply at work immediately what I learn in class. No doubt, NU’s Executive MBA program is a great and rewarding experience that is worth the time and money invested! I am grateful to the TCO management and my family for supporting me through this program.


Gani Nygymetov

Executive MBA, 2014

President of JSC «Center for International Programs» (Bolashak Scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan)

My Executive MBA experience at the Nazarbayev University was very remarkable. Busy weekends over 2 years spent in classes, many half sleepless nights working on group assignments with my team, eye opening lectures by Duke faculty and the enjoyable winter residence at the Fuqua School of Business did equip me, not only with very useful knowledge and skills required for my daily management work, but also helped me to make so many professional network contacts with my peer students who are working professionals in different fields, true leaders and very positive, genuine individuals.

I work as the CEO of the government-owned company which administers the Bolashak Scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan. We have almost 3000 scholars studying in world-class universities in over 30 countries on an annual basis, and we monitor contract commitments of over 7000 Bolashak alumni, with an annual operating budget of about 100 mln. USD. My EMBA education significantly and effectively contributed to the way I approached the work of the company where I focused on issues of financial efficiency, business processes optimization, corporate culture and management improvement, making effective use of knowledge and information I received right from the classes as I returned to work the next day following each weekend residency.

As a professional manager, prior to enrolling in the NUGSB EMBA program, I lacked MBA and finance knowledge and skills. The NUGSB EMBA helped me to become a better manager in every aspect of this profession.


Gulmira Raissova

Executive MBA, 2014

Having been enrolled in the EMBA program at Nazarbayev University for the second consecutive year, I started to catch myself wondering what my life would look like without this education. Now I can say with confidence, it would be poorer, much poorer.

In psychology there is a method of personality diagnosis, which is named «15 major events in life» (I got a bachelor degree in psychology). Psychological time personality depends on the kind of event a person indicates as the most important in life. A person may indicate formal events and interpret them as inevitable such as «went to high school», college, changed 3 jobs». But he/she may specify meaningful events semantically that general give momentum, boost and result in changes. Getting educated at NUGSB was exactly this type of event for me.

Firstly, the new understanding of reality surrounding me (for example, how to start a business, how to make financial and investment decisions,what it means to be a leader, being able to change the world around you). Secondly, the program resulted in a new attitude toward work,expanding of my vision, a new view at the organization’s workflow, the work of your colleagues and managers. I began to understand better the ways to build an organization and ways to manage it. I currently work at «Samruk-Kazyna» Fund and we have always supported the academic programs of Nazarbayev University. I now realize that the more people finish a program successfully, the more effective organizations’ decisions will be. Not less than 10 managers are sent annually to Executive MBA program from «Samruk-Kazyna» companies. Support is also provided to employees who choose to study in NUGSB programs. And thirdly, I hope I will be a role model for my children and for all those who have doubts about going to school. It is never too late going to school. Of course, it is a lot of stress, but the results and the habits and mind-set developed over two years to appreciate and effectively use each minute of time will stay with you for life.


Talgat Sarsenbayev

Executive MBA, 2014

The program of the Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Business offers full time, working professionals an opportunity to earn a world-class Executive MBA degree while living in Astana and maintaining one’s career. It is a great opportunity to learn from distinguished professors from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University here in Astana.

My experience here has been nothing but positive. The program has greatly improved my managerial skills and has provided me with strong knowledge in finance and economics. It is an ideal platform for expanding your professional network, creating life-long friendships and learning from your classmates.

IMG_2379-150x150 (1)

Zhanar Raimbekova

Executive MBA, 2014

There are several reasons why I chose the NUGSB EMBA program.
Firstly, the EMBA Program of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NUGSB) is realized in cooperation with Duke University’s Fuqua School of
Business, which is highly ranked among international business schools. It is widely thought that business management is easily understood from an American perspective. So, the EMBA classes provide me with an excellent opportunity to obtain so called “original American knowledge”. This includes: easy-to read books; best business cases developed by faculty at worldwide universities; and an American native faculty, who do their best to present materials in a condensed but understandable way.
Secondly, the number of students in a group is not large. Thus, the instructor has sufficient time and opportunity to deliver class materials while recognizing individual needs and learning styles.
Thirdly, the EMBA allows me to obtain relevant theoretical and practical knowledge and to be able to apply this knowledge at work, and to share my professional and personal experiences with
my peers during classes.
Finally, the EMBA is a great chance for my peers and I to get to know each other better. Over the course of one year we have become one family, which is the kind of human capital that is really valuable to me.


Zhanar Zhubaniazova

Executive MBA, 2019

The EMBA curriculum at Nazarbayev University is based on the latest research, well structured, rich, and quite intensive. A big advantage for me was also: the partnership of the University with top foreign universities and the ability to build a developed network of business contacts, which is important for managers.


Artem Ignatovich

Executive MBA 2020

After 30 it's hard to find real friends, but with EMBA I did it. New knowledge helped me to solve many issues in business, which gave a significant growth to the company.


Patrick Duparcq

Dean, PhD (Marketing and Econometrics), Purdue University, USA



Subramanian Venkat

Associate Dean, PhD, ULB Brussels

Associate Dean


Marek Jochec

Associate Professor of Finance, PhD (Finance) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Academic Director of the MSF Program


Jenifer L. Lewis

Associate Professor, PhD, University of Kansas, USA

Director of Degree Programs


Thierry Post

Professor of Finance, PhD, Tinbergen Institute

Department Head of Accounting and Finance


Chet Borucki

Professor of Strategy and Management, PhD, University of Michigan Business School

Professor of Strategy and Management


Doron Israeli

Associate Professor of Accounting, PhD, Stanford University

Associate Professor of Accounting


Jozef Konings

Professor of Economics, PhD in Economics, LSE

Professor of Economics


Shumaila Yousafzai

Associate Professor, PhD, Cardiff University

Associate Professor


Denis de Crombrugghe

Associate Professor of Statistics and Econometrics, PhD, Maastricht University

Associate Professor of Statistics and Econometrics


Mayowa T. Babalola

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior & Human Resources, PhD, University of Leuven, Belgium

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior & Human Resources


Atanu Rakshit

Assistant Professor of Economics, PhD (Economics) Virginia Tech.

Assistant Professor of Economics


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