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Full-Time MBA

Our MBA is a full-time program that plays a key role in our mission to develop the next generation of business leaders in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Intended for early-career professionals, our MBA program provides you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to

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Full-Time MBA

Our MBA is a full-time program that plays a key role in our mission to develop the next generation of business leaders in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Intended for early-career professionals, our MBA program provides you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to manage effectively in global business environments.

The starting point for the development of the curriculum is the set of competencies required by future global leaders. Such leaders need to understand the business risks and opportunities of social, political, cultural and environmental trends. They also have to learn to manage production capacity in a world in which traditional resources are dwindling, and to lead in the face of complexity and ambiguity.

The NUGSB MBA is a rigorous and comprehensive full-time program specifically designed to acquire the skills sought after by the most influential companies in Central Asia and beyond. The program is delivered in strategic partnership with Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.


World-class faculty

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business professors are thought leaders in their discipline. Our faculty have graduated from top universities from around the world (Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD), and they conduct research on modern issues facing business and industry

A solid foundation

The core curriculum of the MBA program emphasizes general management and builds a strong foundation that will assist students in their career progression

Strong infrastructure and facilities

Nazarbayev University students have access to the world’s premier business publications through the NU Library. The university’s classrooms offer the latest technology and students use these tools to advance their learning and research

Become a leader

Immerse yourself in a program designed to grow and educate the next generation of Kazakhstan entrepreneurs and business leaders

International residency at the Fuqua School of Business

Travel to the US, for residential modules at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. The partnership with The Fuqua School of Business gives our students access to a global perspective in terms of the curriculum and the opportunity to study at the Fuqua's campus during the program.

Place matters

Study in the dynamic, innovative and rapidly growing city of Astana at Nazarbayev University’s modern campus


Our career services are designed to help with your career planning and job search

Class Profile​ 2022


Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan



Delivery mode:

Full time, on campus

Program start:

End of August


16 months

World Experience:

International residency



Middle 80% Range of Years
of Work Experience


Middle 80th Percentile



Average Years of Work

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Akmaral Myrzabekova

Full-Time MBA, 2015

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Economics and Statistics in 2005, I worked for various national development institutions such as the Public-Private Partnership Center and the Kazakhstan Development Bank. When I looked at all MBA programs (both local and international), I wanted to find a program in English, practice oriented, based on an international curriculum, and more importantly, with world-class professors. NUGSB really was the environment in which I wanted to study.

The admissions process for Full-time MBA program was simple and transparent. Admissions managers not only guided me during the application process, but they also were very professional, friendly, and supportive. I knew immediately that this program was going to be at an international level.

The NUGSB Full-time MBA program has been a great and memorable experience. I enjoyed every single class I have taken. The classes are well organized, well equipped, and built around small group activities with real-world cases and assignments.  Both the NUGSB and the visiting professors from the Duke University are highly professional with international experiences. Their lectures opened my mind, developed skills I lacked, and enriched me with new knowledge. The staff are always open, available, and highly interested in each student’s progress. The team building and career weeks, as well as the Distinguished Guest Lecture Series, are bonuses I would not miss – these events interconnect people, building long lasting friendships and professional networks.          

Other things that really shaped my experience were my exposure to global leaders in business and government. Where else can you interact in person with the founder on the private equity business, a famous US general, the Presidents of different countries, and the world’s billionaires?

NUGSB is building a strong ground for Kazakhstan’s future leaders!

Aray Bekembayev (1)

Aray Bekembayev

Full-Time MBA, 2015

Nazarbayev University was created as a result of the personal initiative of the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and is an insignia of Kazakhstan in global education. The University represents the quality of education, politics, and life in Kazakhstan.

Masters graduates form a special task force and are an example for young working generation to raise their professional level.

As the Head of the Graduate Students Committee, I am proud that I had the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business.

The 14-month period it took me to complete the requirements for becoming a Master of Business Administration was an exceptionally fine educational experience. The competency and the professionalism of the professors were nothing less than outstanding.

When I started the program in 2014, I had just entered a key point in my career, and my focus was beginning to sharpen. One of the things that most shaped my experience was my direct exposure, as part of the program, to global elite individuals in both the private and public sectors.

I am currently working in a government organization. On a daily basis, to fulfill my managerial responsibilities I must apply various aspects of theory and practical techniques that I learned in the  NUGSB Full-time MBA program, a world-class program that was developed in strategic collaboration with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.


Anvar Nizamov

Full-Time MBA, 2015

I was working as a translator for a large mining company when I realized I needed to move out of my comfort zone and explore other opportunities to reach my professional potential. High quality education was a critical component of my vision, and I started looking at different graduate programs. I had heard about NUGSB from a colleague who had visited one of the information sessions here.
My very first contact with the NUGSB team made it clear to me that this was a wonderful place with the right spirit – vibrant, innovative, and welcoming. The entire admission process was organized extremely effectively, with clarity and timeliness in each aspect. However, the thing that struck me most about interacting with the NUGSB team was their friendliness and personal touch; it was obvious to me that this program was going to be an extremely exciting journey.

My highest expectations were exceeded when I eventually was accepted and the program started. In addition to high-tech classrooms, an amazing library offering an enormous collection of academic resources, and superior dining and sports facilities, NUGSB has something else very important to offer – an opportunity to meet and interact with a lot of very special people. Thanks to this program I have been able to meet and talk on a regular basis to some of the most remarkable individuals from all over the world. Our professors, staff, and administrators are amazing in the way they manage to find the right balance between keeping us motivated to learn and ensuring we comply with challenging academic requirements. Another crucial part of my experience here has been an opportunity to work together with my outstanding classmates, each of whom has added their unique contribution to our team.
In conclusion, what amazes me most about this program is the design that balances a healthy competitive environment with the spirit of collaboration, facilitating hard work, synergy and creativity in everything we do.

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Murat Akshalov

Full-Time MBA, 2015

Enrolling in the NUGSB MBA program has been one of the best decisions of my life in terms of self-development. Before entering the program, I had significant experience working both in the private field and in the government-affiliated sector. Even though I had nice career growth from a manager to the vice chairman of a national company, I always felt that I needed to obtain a Master of Business Administration degree in order to be more confident facing the upcoming challenges in the very dynamic business world.

NUGSB was the perfect opportunity for me as the place to go get my Masters. I didn’t have to leave home; I could get a world-class MBA degree right here in my home town of Astana without having to leave my family. The most impressive fact about the NUGSB MBA is that we study the same program and are taught by the same faculty as our colleagues at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in the United States. The program is high quality and the material is very up-to-date on current global trends. I also praise the quality of the professors who teach our classes. NUGSB has done a fantastic job at bringing top-notch professors to our MBA program.

Kazakhstan has tremendous potential for future economic growth, and our President has set very ambitious goals for the young generation to achieve in the upcoming years. The biggest challenge, in my mind, to accomplishing those goals is to prepare the professional leaders who will be ready to take on regional and global challenges to take our country into the most developed countries list by 2030. I strongly feel that NUGSB has the perfect system developed in terms of infrastructure, academic curriculum, corporate network, quality of professors, and business engagements to produce the most professional future business leaders in the world.

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Diana Sultan

Full-Time MBA, 2015

I finished my bachelor’s degree in finance at the University of International Business (Almaty, Kazakhstan). I have a CIMA Diploma in Russian. I worked in a gold mining company called Altyntau Kokshetau.

After graduation I was in no hurry to apply for my master’s degree, because I was looking for a special university. When I heard about Nazarbayev University, I wrote immediately asking about the full-time MBA program. Unfortunately at that time the program had not yet started. However, two years later, I am here. When I received an offer from the university, at first I was in a doubt, because at that time I was on maternity leave and my child was only 8 months old. Looking back, I think it was my best decision, because this program has surpassed all my expectations.

During my studies, I met a lot of highly qualified professors with whom ten academic days seem so little. You think there is a lot more to learn from them and there are many unasked questions. I met so many talented students who contributed hugely to class discussions. I received a lot of invitations to various projects. I met many entrepreneurs and business people from around the globe who were willing to share their keys to success and give advice. All of the above in just one year of studies, but the experience and knowledge will last a lifetime. This program helped me to understand the business environment more and I gained a life-changing experience. Whenever I read news now, I analyze it differently applying all my knowledge from my courses. Moreover I understand myself more. Definitely this program has been an excellent investment in myself.

If you are still thinking of applying or not, I can surely say do not hesitate – apply! I am certain that Nazarbayev University is the best place to study in Kazakhstan and I am extremely grateful that I had this opportunity.

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Abul Kekilbayev

Full-Time MBA, 2015

Prior to joining the Full-time MBA class at NUGSB, I went through a rigorous path with a strong aviation curriculum. This course of study and training helped me to go all the way to a point in my professional career where I was in leadership positions. But I felt the lack of new challenges. Moreover, I felt the necessity to gain a broader set of managerial and entrepreneurial skills. I was confident that an MBA degree would be the best way to fulfil my endless desire for self-improvement and personal development, combined with ambition to build a foundation for business success later in my career.

I’ve gone through the admission process for several top-ranked MBA programs, but the idea of being part of a team which is building a world-class business school here in Astana encouraged me to pursue my MBA at NUGSB.

I have discovered that the Full-time MBA program at NUGSB was designed to immerse students in an exciting approach to business, built around the principles of entrepreneurship, whilst cultivating a responsible and conscientious awareness of the world around us. Strategic collaboration with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is an example of this exciting approach to business.

The quality of education at NUGSB is really excellent. In my opinion, the professional and personal qualities of the staff and faculty, especially the visiting world-class professors, has made an important and deep impact on me and on my classmates, allowing us to become worthy representatives of NUGSB, effectively applying knowledge gained to achieve even better results and becoming better business leaders. The school tries to induce career growth in students by earning our trust and respect plus adapting to continuous changes. NUGSB is a place where I can expand my professional opportunities and become as effective as possible.

I’m excited that our school brings such diverse and dynamic groups together, and we look forward to the contribution and knowledge that you, as a future candidate, will bring to the program. I also hope that the NUGSB experience will help to broaden not only your approaches to business, but also your outlook on life.

I can’t claim to be perfect because I consider myself to still be on a learning curve, and I expect to learn something new with each passing moment of my NUGSB experience.

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Bakhytzhan Sagadiyev

Full-Time MBA, 2015

I have been a student at NUGSB for 6 months now and here are the things I want to share. The program is extremely hard, challenging, and demanding. It is stressful and consumes a lot of your time. So, why would you want to apply here?

There are a lot of reasons, but I really want to focus only on three: world class professors; high level of standards and values; and the opportunity to meet incredible people.

I consider it a privilege to have had an opportunity to study and learn from the best professors at the top of their professional fields. They meticulously organize and plan their lectures, challenge your views and opinions and demand the best from you. You are constantly pushed out of your comfort zone and engaged in exciting debates.

I also want to mention the high level of professionalism and standards of performance and values instilled in NUGSB students. Students are not just expected to follow the rules and procedures, but are held to the highest and strictest standards of world class business schools.

Lastly, I have had an opportunity to meet and interact with amazing people, including leaders in business and government through my MBA program. You get to listen and share ideas with people all over the world that have achieved great successes in their professional and personal lives.

Saltanat Beisembina (1)

Saltanat Besiembina

Full-Time MBA, 2015

I was looking for an MBA program that could suit me for a long time.

First of all, the prestigious School needs the best-profiled candidates. Right after my bachelor’s degree, I went to work abroad and decided to gain international working experience. I worked for a year and it sharpened my professional and personal skills to a higher level. Afterwards I had a chance to work at a Career and Advising Center and provide students with needed tools in order to choose a right direction in their career path.

Second of all, I needed the values and mission of a great MBA School to fit to my personal values and vision for the future. I have volunteered a lot towards youth development, because I believe that the youth is the next generation of leaders and drivers of progress. I have traveled around the world and visited many countries in order to see the similarities and uniqueness of each and every culture. I understood tolerance, respect and how it is to be an open-minded person. I have met diverse people from different ages and backgrounds, learning new things and sharing what I knew was the life changing experience for me. I understood one small but very important thing: that the world has no boarders or territories; that we are all similar and at the same time so different; that one can change the world for the better with the right people around him/her.

Last but not least, I was looking to get the world’s best education in my home country. It doesn’t mean that I was against getting a degree abroad; it was circumstances for that time and that moment that helped me decide. What could be better, when you study and get support from your beloved family right away; when you give a chance to professors from all over the world to meet your country and culture; when you simply apply your countries reality to the everyday class discussions with your classmates.

All those points together made my decision stronger and clearer when the time came to decide. I knew that this chance would be given only once in my life and I applied to the Full-time MBA program that was offered by Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business. I am proud of being one of the first pioneers of the FT MBA program.


Patrick Duparcq

Dean, PhD (Marketing and Econometrics), Purdue University, USA



Subramanian Venkat

Associate Dean, PhD, ULB Brussels

Associate Dean


Marek Jochec

Associate Professor of Finance, PhD (Finance) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Academic Director of the MSF Program


Jenifer L. Lewis

Associate Professor, PhD, University of Kansas, USA

Director of Degree Programs


Thierry Post

Professor of Finance, PhD, Tinbergen Institute

Department Head of Accounting and Finance


Chet Borucki

Professor of Strategy and Management, PhD, University of Michigan Business School

Professor of Strategy and Management


Doron Israeli

Associate Professor of Accounting, PhD, Stanford University

Associate Professor of Accounting


Jozef Konings

Professor of Economics, PhD in Economics, LSE

Professor of Economics


Shumaila Yousafzai

Associate Professor, PhD, Cardiff University

Associate Professor


Denis de Crombrugghe

Associate Professor of Statistics and Econometrics, PhD, Maastricht University

Associate Professor of Statistics and Econometrics


Mayowa T. Babalola

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior & Human Resources, PhD, University of Leuven, Belgium

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior & Human Resources


Atanu Rakshit

Assistant Professor of Economics, PhD (Economics) Virginia Tech.

Assistant Professor of Economics


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