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Research Seminar: Researching violent contexts: a call for political reflexivity

Research Seminar: Researching violent contexts: a call for political reflexivity

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business invites you to the Research Seminar titled "Researching violent contexts: a call for political reflexivity" by Dr. Samer Abdelnour.


Violent contexts are not ‘normal’ research settings; they involve abuses, power disparities and collective histories of violence that researchers should be alert to. Researchers who study violent contexts without attention to these risk objectifying people and context, normalizing violence, or silencing violence. Politically reflexivity can equip researchers to better identify, understand and mitigate these harms, and where possible, challenge structures that do the marginalizing. We articulate political reflexivity through feminist standpoint theory, which asks researchers to critically examine their positionality and privilege vis-à-vis the geopolitics of the research setting, epistemic privilege of marginalized participants, and political implications of their work. Practicing political reflexivity can help researchers situate their work along a ‘decoloniality continuum’. At one end of this continuum is work that is complicit with the maintenance of violence, at the centre is a hybridity approach that aims to both understand the (colonial) underpinnings of violence and centre marginalized knowledge, and at the other end is reparation or liberation, which seek radical equality for marginalized histories, ideas and ways of knowing. We conclude with a call to identify methods and paths to enhance political reflexivity and decolonize knowledge.

Area: Organization Theory

Time: 6 pm - 7 pm


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Wednesday, April 07, 2021






Samer Abdelnour

Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management

Samer Abdelnour is Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He employs organization theory and qualitative methods to study international organizations, humanitarian technology interventions, and social enterprises in post-war settings. His work has been published in Organizational Research Methods, Organization Studies, International Political Sociology, Energy Research & Social Science, Journal of International Business Studies, and Journal of Business Research. He holds a PhD in Management from the London School of Economics.