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Abul Kekilbayev

Full-Time MBA, 2015

Prior to joining the Full-time MBA class at NUGSB, I went through a rigorous path with a strong aviation curriculum. This course of study and training helped me to go all the way to a point in my professional career where I was in leadership positions. But I felt the lack of new challenges. Moreover, I felt the necessity to gain a broader set of managerial and entrepreneurial skills. I was confident that an MBA degree would be the best way to fulfil my endless desire for self-improvement and personal development, combined with ambition to build a foundation for business success later in my career.

I’ve gone through the admission process for several top-ranked MBA programs, but the idea of being part of a team which is building a world-class business school here in Astana encouraged me to pursue my MBA at NUGSB.

I have discovered that the Full-time MBA program at NUGSB was designed to immerse students in an exciting approach to business, built around the principles of entrepreneurship, whilst cultivating a responsible and conscientious awareness of the world around us. Strategic collaboration with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is an example of this exciting approach to business.

The quality of education at NUGSB is really excellent. In my opinion, the professional and personal qualities of the staff and faculty, especially the visiting world-class professors, has made an important and deep impact on me and on my classmates, allowing us to become worthy representatives of NUGSB, effectively applying knowledge gained to achieve even better results and becoming better business leaders. The school tries to induce career growth in students by earning our trust and respect plus adapting to continuous changes. NUGSB is a place where I can expand my professional opportunities and become as effective as possible.

I’m excited that our school brings such diverse and dynamic groups together, and we look forward to the contribution and knowledge that you, as a future candidate, will bring to the program. I also hope that the NUGSB experience will help to broaden not only your approaches to business, but also your outlook on life.

I can’t claim to be perfect because I consider myself to still be on a learning curve, and I expect to learn something new with each passing moment of my NUGSB experience.

Aliya Jaxiyeva

Executive MBA, 2014

IT Planning and PMO Supervisor, Tengizchevroil

When I learned that Nazarbayev University partnered with the Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and launched the Executive MBA (EMBA) program, I saw this as an opportunity to advance my knowledge in areas critical for my professional growth as a leader. Although this EMBA program has been intense and demanding, I find it to be one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. First and foremost, I benefit from learning from top notch professors and interacting with other executive level peers from diverse backgrounds. We definitely push each other to think critically and creatively. For example, we often share our experiences by working in teams on challenging business cases and through lively discussions on different exciting business topics.

In addition, this program offers a convenient class schedule (weekend residencies) for busy professionals like myself. And its modular structure allows me to apply at work immediately what I learn in class. No doubt, NU’s Executive MBA program is a great and rewarding experience that is worth the time and money invested! I am grateful to the TCO management and my family for supporting me through this program.

Gani Nygymetov

Executive MBA, 2014

President of JSC «Center for International Programs» (Bolashak Scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan)

My Executive MBA experience at the Nazarbayev University was very remarkable. Busy weekends over 2 years spent in classes, many half sleepless nights working on group assignments with my team, eye opening lectures by Duke faculty and the enjoyable winter residence at the Fuqua School of Business did equip me, not only with very useful knowledge and skills required for my daily management work, but also helped me to make so many professional network contacts with my peer students who are working professionals in different fields, true leaders and very positive, genuine individuals.

I work as the CEO of the government-owned company which administers the Bolashak Scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan. We have almost 3000 scholars studying in world-class universities in over 30 countries on an annual basis, and we monitor contract commitments of over 7000 Bolashak alumni, with an annual operating budget of about 100 mln. USD. My EMBA education significantly and effectively contributed to the way I approached the work of the company where I focused on issues of financial efficiency, business processes optimization, corporate culture and management improvement, making effective use of knowledge and information I received right from the classes as I returned to work the next day following each weekend residency.

As a professional manager, prior to enrolling in the NUGSB EMBA program, I lacked MBA and finance knowledge and skills. The NUGSB EMBA helped me to become a better manager in every aspect of this profession.