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Gulmira Raissova

Executive MBA, 2014

Having been enrolled in the EMBA program at Nazarbayev University for the second consecutive year, I started to catch myself wondering what my life would look like without this education. Now I can say with confidence, it would be poorer, much poorer.

In psychology there is a method of personality diagnosis, which is named «15 major events in life» (I got a bachelor degree in psychology). Psychological time personality depends on the kind of event a person indicates as the most important in life. A person may indicate formal events and interpret them as inevitable such as «went to high school», college, changed 3 jobs». But he/she may specify meaningful events semantically that general give momentum, boost and result in changes. Getting educated at NUGSB was exactly this type of event for me.

Firstly, the new understanding of reality surrounding me (for example, how to start a business, how to make financial and investment decisions,what it means to be a leader, being able to change the world around you). Secondly, the program resulted in a new attitude toward work,expanding of my vision, a new view at the organization’s workflow, the work of your colleagues and managers. I began to understand better the ways to build an organization and ways to manage it. I currently work at «Samruk-Kazyna» Fund and we have always supported the academic programs of Nazarbayev University. I now realize that the more people finish a program successfully, the more effective organizations’ decisions will be. Not less than 10 managers are sent annually to Executive MBA program from «Samruk-Kazyna» companies. Support is also provided to employees who choose to study in NUGSB programs. And thirdly, I hope I will be a role model for my children and for all those who have doubts about going to school. It is never too late going to school. Of course, it is a lot of stress, but the results and the habits and mind-set developed over two years to appreciate and effectively use each minute of time will stay with you for life.

Talgat Sarsenbayev

Executive MBA, 2014

The program of the Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Business offers full time, working professionals an opportunity to earn a world-class Executive MBA degree while living in Astana and maintaining one’s career. It is a great opportunity to learn from distinguished professors from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University here in Astana.

My experience here has been nothing but positive. The program has greatly improved my managerial skills and has provided me with strong knowledge in finance and economics. It is an ideal platform for expanding your professional network, creating life-long friendships and learning from your classmates.

Zhanar Raimbekova

Executive MBA, 2014

There are several reasons why I chose the NUGSB EMBA program.
Firstly, the EMBA Program of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NUGSB) is realized in cooperation with Duke University’s Fuqua School of
Business, which is highly ranked among international business schools. It is widely thought that business management is easily understood from an American perspective. So, the EMBA classes provide me with an excellent opportunity to obtain so called “original American knowledge”. This includes: easy-to read books; best business cases developed by faculty at worldwide universities; and an American native faculty, who do their best to present materials in a condensed but understandable way.
Secondly, the number of students in a group is not large. Thus, the instructor has sufficient time and opportunity to deliver class materials while recognizing individual needs and learning styles.
Thirdly, the EMBA allows me to obtain relevant theoretical and practical knowledge and to be able to apply this knowledge at work, and to share my professional and personal experiences with
my peers during classes.
Finally, the EMBA is a great chance for my peers and I to get to know each other better. Over the course of one year we have become one family, which is the kind of human capital that is really valuable to me.