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Tuition fee

Tuition fee

Students may choose payment options individually by the first day of the Orientation week.

See the payment table for 2021 below.

Note: In case of prepayment of 100% of the tuition fee, an additional discount of 5% is applied.

Full-time MBA program — USD 16,800 (this is a discount price for individuals, for companies there is a different rate)

Executive MBA — full price of USD 84,000 (significant discounts are provided)

MSc in Finance — USD 14,000 (discounted price for self-paying)

The exchange rate at the University for 2021 is set at the rate of KZT 420 per USD 1.

For more information on corporate discounts, please contact us by email:

Registration fee

The registration fee is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. It must be paid when submitting the application before the end of the registration period.

About USD 90 for Master’s degree programs.

Financial assistance opportunities

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NUGSB) offers a limited number of scholarships that cover 30 to 65% of the tuition fee for admission 2021 – this can give you the opportunity to study at NUGSB. This applies only to Master’s programs at NUGSB.

Based on the selection results, the Admission Committee may also award scholarships offered by companies to outstanding candidates.

Nazarbayev University provides additional financial assistance to exceptional international students, which covers up to 100% of the tuition fee (accommodation and meals are not included in the scholarship).

Living and general expenses

The table shows the ESTIMATED AVERAGE living costs per month in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Budget items may differ depending on individual preferences. Students should consider that these are estimated living expenses related to their studies. These costs do not include tuition fee.


Full-time MBA program, 16 months;
 MSc in Finance, 16 months

Executive MBA,

20 months

On-campus accommodation 

Paired accommodation = USD 30

Single room = USD 54
This includes basic utilities (electricity, heating, water).
More information at:
There is a limited number of rooms available to graduate students on campus

EMBA program expenses are included in the tuition fee
and should be considered within the discussion with the Admission Committee

Off-campus rentals

1. 1-room apartment in the city center and near the campus – USD 300 (KZT 120,000);
2. 1-room apartment on the right bank – USD 250;


USD 190 (KZT 75,000)
University provides a meal plan for students
Here you can find more information about some of the canteens on campus:
Grocery stores:
Information about the nearest shopping mall: Mega Silkway Mall


Educational materials are provided by the School, with the exception of Joint Programs such as the Master of Engineering Management Program


Depending on the country of residence, information on visas can be found at:


The cost of a one-way ticket on local transport is 0.23 pence (KZT 90);
a monthly bus pass is USD 17 (USD 7,000); the cost of a taxi starts from USD (KZT 700)


A monthly deposit for multiple visits is USD 2.5 (KZT 1,000) in a Multi-Sports Complex of 6,000+ square meters on campus;
the cost of fitness clubs outside the campus is USD 60 per month (~ KZT 20,000)


The University provides health insurance only for undergraduate students

Mobile service

Activ, Kcell, Beeline monthly packages – USD 7 (KZT 2,500)


Single ticket – USD 6 (KZT 1,900)


Private kindergartens – USD 160 (KZT 53,000)

The average cost of living in Nur-Sultan

USD 700-900 (depending on individual preferences)