Davlat Abduvali
PhD, Manchester Business School
Assistant Professor of Finance
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Davlat Abduvali is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business. Dr. Abduvali is finance professional with more than fifteen years of academic and business experience in Kazakhstan. He has an MBA from Frank Zarb School of Business (Hofstra University) and a PhD from Manchester Business School (the University of Manchester). Prior to joining NU GSB Dr. Abduvali had held academic and administrative positions at KIMEP University, and had delivered lectures at KBTU, UIB and the MBA program of the National Bank.
His teaching interests are in Corporate Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Accounting and Reporting, and Management Accounting. Dr. Abduvali’s research interests encompass unrecognized Intangible Assets – specifically, he researches their identification, taxonomy and measurement.
Dr. Abduvali has many years of CFO experience in Kazakhstan (JSC Center for International Programs, JSC KIMEP University, TOO Aura Group of Companies). He has also served a number of local and multinational companies as a management consultant and business trainer. Amongst his clients have been the Big Four, the largest commercial banks, the National Bank of Kazakhstan, oil and gas companies (Agip KCO, KPO), and others.
Dr. Abduvali is an FCCA and active member in a number of academic and professional associations.  



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