Dmitry Khanin
Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship
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Dmitry Khanin is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship. His research is located at the intersection of organizational behavior and entrepreneurship as well as organizational behavior and family business. Specifically, Dmitry has researched venture capitalists’ and entrepreneurs’ decision making (especially decision making biases), conflicts between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, entrepreneur regret, entrepreneurs’ intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, social entrepreneurship, family’s commitment to family business, turnover in family business, barriers to entrepreneurship, incompetence traps that undermine individual learning, etc. In addition, Dmitry has done research in the areas of strategic management and international business, specifically on corporate restatements and boards of directors, venture capitalists’ networks and international alliances.

Recent Academic Publications

Khanin, D., Teckchandani, A. 2016. Transfer, Generation and Renewal of Expertise via Sensegiving and Collaborative Sensemaking: The Challenges of Student Consulting, Journal of the Academy of Business Education

Khanin, D. 2015. How to figure out venture capitalists’ and entrepreneurs’ intentions? Как распознать намерения венчурных капиталистов и предпринимателей? National Business (Kazakhstan), 5, 48 – 50.

Khanin, D. and Turel, O. 2015. Conflicts and Regrets in the Venture Capitalist–Entrepreneur Relationship. Journal of Small Business Management, 53 (4), 949 – 969.

Mahto, , Khanin, D. 2015. Satisfaction with Past Financial Performance, Risk Taking, and Future Performance Expectations in the Family Business, Journal of Small Business Management, 53 (3), 801-818.

Gnanlet, A., Khanin, D. 2015. Helping Learners Recognize, Diagnose, and Unravel Incompetence Traps to Achieve Synergistic Exploration-Exploitation in the Classroom, Journal of Management Education, 1 – 29.

Working Papers

Negative Institutional Forces and the Strategies of Social Entrepreneurship (with Dr. Rene Goduscheit,  University of Southern Denmark)

Perceived Isolation and Professional deviance (with Dr. Peter Mangles, Trident International, USA)

How Can Student Teams Recognize, Avoid and Disentangle Incompetence Traps? (with Dr. Adelina Gnanlet, California State University, Fullerton, USA)

Recent Presentations or Conference Papers

Khanin, D. 2015. Psychological ownership in the family business (Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC), Burlington, Vermont)

Teckchandani, A.,  Khanin, D. 2014. The Instructor’s Role in the Student Consulting Process: Working with the Student Team (Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2014).

 Khanin, D., Turel, O. Entrepreneur-Venture Capitalist Alliances as Externalization-Internalization Decisions (Babson Annual Conference on Entrepreneurship, 2014).

  • Venture capitalists’ decision making, investment strategies and alliances
  • Entrepreneur motivation, conflicts; barriers to entrepreneurship; social entrepreneurship
  • Turnover and commitment in the family business
  • Business ethics, corporate restatements
  • Management education: decision making traps and learning types

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