The Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business is able to draw high-caliber faculty members from around the world who have in-depth experience that cuts across all industries and functions. Through its strategic collaboration with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, the faculty include excellent instructors and leading researchers whose expertise and passion for innovation create a one-of-a-kind learning environment. Within the NUGSB, we strive to hire international faculty members with significant academic achievements, a solid research record and professional experience who are at the forefront of their business discipline. Our professors orchestrate and contribute to class discussions with knowledge grounded in interdisciplinary scientific research and strive to make students better thinkers and leaders.

Welcome to Nazarbayev University Library

The Nazarbayev University Library is a research and education facility. This modern library provides access to a wide range of electronic sources and traditional forms of information, such as books, paper periodicals, encyclopedias and dictionaries. The library is trilingual with specific focus on providing information in English. All NU students, teachers and staff can use our facilities.

Subject Librarian for Graduate School of Business                                                                    
Yelizaveta Kamilova (Liza)                                                                    
Email: yelizaveta.kamilova@nu.edu.kz                                                                   
Tel: 8 (7172) 70 65 81                                                                    
Library, block 5, 3rd floor.

In the Press

You are worth exactly as much as your connections. It has long been known - the more people have great connections, the easier it is for them to solve problems.
The main task of modern business is to be aware of new trends and respond quickly to changes. And this applies to all aspects of business, including personnel development. Why it is important for businessmen to get new knowledge in a timely manner and why companies need to invest in human capital, in Forbes.kz interviews said Erken Turganbayev, Director of programs for executives of NUGSB.
A university professor should not only be demanding and able to explain his subject, but also have relevant information. Publications in well-known scientific journals are considered to be the main indicator of this relevance in the scientific community.
NU School of Business started admission for the year 2019 for MBA program, MBA program for managers and MSc in Finance (Master of Science in Finance) program. The correspondent of Zakon.kz looked into their peculiarity and applied orientation.

Last News

We are happy to announce "Wednesday's coffee chat" series with NUGSB Admissions managers for prospective applicants of Full-time MBA, Executive MBA and MSc in Finance programs.
On March 19, 2019 come to NUGSB information session and learn more how to apply to NUGSB programs.
The topic is “MBA women in leadership. Importance of career success to women”
We are happy to announce "Wednesday coffee chat" series with NUGSB Admissions managers for prospective applicants of Full-time MBA, Executive MBA and MSc in Finance programs.

Upcoming Events

Come to NUGSB on February 16, 2019 to attend free master classes during the Open House Day! The registration is closed.
Decision makers are surrounded with concepts and terminology from financial accounting: gross profit margin, operating cycle, liquidity, solvency, and numerous others. This course provides an applied introduction to the key topics in financial accounting and financial statement analysis. In the process, we will also introduce concepts and terminology of finance. As a result, program participants […]
Change is a reality of life and commonplace, whether at the societal, industry, organizational, team, or individual level. Yet, within organizations, despite significant investment of time and money, many change programs fail to realize goals and meet expectations. Leading Change in Organizations is a workshop intended for practitioners. Its focus is on acquiring knowledge and […]
August 20-22, 2019  The workshop “Operations management”  Operations management is one of the critical aspects of the enterprise management. The tools and concepts derived from operations management can be widely applied to all types of business processes in different industrial sectors. The objective in this open-enrollment program course is to add value to the participant […]