GE and Nazarbayev University expand cooperation in educational programs

2017-02-23 12:05:21

General Electric (GE) in cooperation with the Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Business held a three-day course called “Change Acceleration Process” (CAP) which is a part of the education at GE Corporate University  Crotonville. This program is the first in a series of joint training sessions of GE and Nazarbayev University in the framework of the expansion of strategic cooperation between the parties.


The course provides fresh and experienced managers the skills and knowledge necessary for effective team management during organizational change. During the training program participants in an interactive format met with the tools required when making changes, and worked out the basic principles of their usage in real projects at GE.

Patrick Duparcq, Dean of the Graduate School of Business, Nazarbayev University: “In today’s rapid changing business environment, success is determined by how fast companies react to changes in their environment. When the process of transformation and change is too slow, the changes will answer yesterday’s needs, rather than today’s reality. As Kazakhstan enters the highly competitive world of global trade and competition, it will be important for every company to manage this process well. This 3-day workshop will provide participant with all the tools necessary to successfully manage and accelerate change.  The workshop is organized in cooperation with GE, one of the global leaders in technology, innovation, and management training.”

Lectures and workshops were conducted by Tim Hayet, Regional Director, GE Crotonville. Tim is a certified Six Sigma teacher with more than 20 years of experience in leadership training programs for managers and specialists of different business units at GE.

GE Crotonville – GE Corporate University was founded in 1956 as a Centre of Excellence of GE Executives. GE Crotonville so far is the largest corporate institute for the development of leadership skills. GE invests in the training and development about $1 billion, paying great attention to the formation of leadership in the corporate world.