In business, issues are solved faster with good connections

2019-01-30 15:16:25

You are worth exactly as much as your connections. It has long been known – the more people have great connections, the easier it is for them to solve problems.


You are worth exactly as much as your connections. It has long been known – the more people have great connections, the easier it is for them to solve problems.

Of course, the qualities and entrepreneurial skills of a person matter at first. But successful acquaintances help to quickly raise to the very top and take a worthy place in the business environment.

Nazarbayev University’s MBA program is designed to grow future top managers by providing the skills, knowledge and thinking necessary for effective management in a global business environment. This program was developed in accordance with the standards of the best MBA programs and the intensity of training was increased in order to meet the speed of development of the business environment in Kazakhstan.

Sultan Dalipov entered the Executive MBA program being a head of two companies. According to him, he needed knowledge to strengthen and expand his business.


“I entered the EMBA program being an entrepreneur, as I remember now, I developed several projects at one time. I was already managing “Fudkom” and “PEGAS” carwash network. The high-quality of work and development of projects, of course, required international knowledge and that’s why the EMBA program attracted me, where I could gain knowledge of high standards in the joint program of the Fuqua Business School, Duke University without stopping my work. Upon completion of my study, I launched a completely new and trend project – “cnkz” company (management company) and “barista” coffee house. Networking is an integral part of the program. So I think that acting managers and entrepreneurs should study according to such a program, as they share their experiences and tell how this or that mechanism works in their company. I personally find it interesting to know from my fellow students how and what they do in their companies.  if I found something good it was introduced into my business the next day and it worked! There are times where I just could not build the system correctly and everything was in scatter. I had done everything – closed burning questions and experimented a lot. By trial and error, I found the desired strategy. And a lot of things has turned into the system during the study and now I am systematically building my work and business as a whole, ” Dalipov told.

Business education is useful knowledge that will be useful in any industry. For example, Tamirlan Talgaev did not have enough technical education while climbing the career ladder. The higher the position, the greater and more diverse responsibilities.

“Before studying for the program, I worked in the corporate sector of the oil and gas industry in Moscow, where I held various positions from a field engineer to a business development manager. While working I came across issues of building commercial models of monetization of services, of daily interaction with financial, legal and industrial services. These challenges forced me to go beyond the scope of my engineering education and make business decisions, so I realized that I needed to get more complex knowledge in various business disciplines. In the process of finding and selecting the appropriate program, I decided that the MBA program at Nazarbayev University is optimal for me for several reasons: first, my desire to gain experience in studying and living in another country, secondly, the quality from the leading business schools, and thirdly, a reasonable cost of tuition and living. The experience of 14 months of study showed the correctness of my choice, and also I received many pleasant “bonuses”, such as lectures from well-known representatives of business, politics, and the non-profit sector.

Now, almost two years after graduation, the first thing that comes to my mind is the team of our fellow students, the people who are very interesting and diversified. Active networking was not only interesting, but also very useful and I’m still reaping the benefits.

Immediately after the end of the program, I accepted the offer from Microsoft and worked for 1 year in the position of Business Productivity Solutions Professional. Then, I decided to go into private business on my own initiative. Now I am working with partners on projects in the field of education and catering, ” Tamirlan told.


“From the very beginning of my career, I worked in the financial sector – I started at a second-tier bank, then at the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, then transferred to an investment company in the structure of Samruk-Kazyna JSC, now I am working in the investment projects sector of the Eurasian Development Bank. The financial world is changing rapidly, especially in modern realities, and also requires a quick response to changes from market participants. I entered Nazarbayev University’s MBA program to be in trend through great moral support from my family. The choice was obvious – the program includes a very well-chosen set of disciplines, teaching from leading world professors in English and no need to go abroad for a long time.

In addition to the knowledge that students mostly coming for, Nazabayev University’s MBA is also a networking center – here we made friends with our classmates, faculty, as well as we are communicating with school graduates, new streams, met many outstanding personalities of Kazakhstan and the world. When leaving the university, you take with you not only a huge store of knowledge, but also a noticeably updated list of new acquaintances. It is no secret that in business many issues are resolved faster and more efficiently with good connections, therefore it is very important to have an extensive network of acquaintances in all areas of activity.

I am especially proud that the knowledge gained at the program helped us successfully pass the first level of the exam for obtaining a financial analyst certificate (CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst, level 1), ” Zhanar Zhakupova, MBA graduate told.