Murat Akshalov

Full-Time MBA, 2015

Enrolling in the NUGSB MBA program has been one of the best decisions of my life in terms of self-development. Before entering the program, I had significant experience working both in the private field and in the government-affiliated sector. Even though I had nice career growth from a manager to the vice chairman of a national company, I always felt that I needed to obtain a Master of Business Administration degree in order to be more confident facing the upcoming challenges in the very dynamic business world.

NUGSB was the perfect opportunity for me as the place to go get my Masters. I didn’t have to leave home; I could get a world-class MBA degree right here in my home town of Astana without having to leave my family. The most impressive fact about the NUGSB MBA is that we study the same program and are taught by the same faculty as our colleagues at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in the United States. The program is high quality and the material is very up-to-date on current global trends. I also praise the quality of the professors who teach our classes. NUGSB has done a fantastic job at bringing top-notch professors to our MBA program.

Kazakhstan has tremendous potential for future economic growth, and our President has set very ambitious goals for the young generation to achieve in the upcoming years. The biggest challenge, in my mind, to accomplishing those goals is to prepare the professional leaders who will be ready to take on regional and global challenges to take our country into the most developed countries list by 2030. I strongly feel that NUGSB has the perfect system developed in terms of infrastructure, academic curriculum, corporate network, quality of professors, and business engagements to produce the most professional future business leaders in the world.