Meet NUGSB at Bangalore

December 3, 2017
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Online seminar - How to behave in an interview with Admissions Committee?

30 November, 2017

BUSINESS TALK & COFFEE: next topic "Active Investment Strategies"

November 24, 2017

Past Events


"Leading Change in Organizations " workshop

16-18 November 2017

Guest speaker Bill Ruh, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of GE at NUGSB

14 November, 2017

"Demystifying Big Data" workshop

3-4 November, 2017

FREE online seminar at NUGSB

26 October, 2017

NUGSB is launching BUSINESS TALK & COFFEE series

20 October, 2017

Open House Day at Nazarbayev University

30 September, 2017
18 Sept

From Islamic Banking to Fintech

18 September, 2017

"Financial Statement Analysis for Executives" workshop

8-9 September, 2017

Research Seminar "Predicting equity risk premium using smooth cross-sectional tail risk"


Finance & Entrepreneurship Research Symposium

29 August, 2017

"Startegy of Project Management in Practice" workshop

22-24 August, 2017

"Financing the Business Growth" seminar

15-16 June 2017

The Changing World of Payments: Implications for Policy Making & Regulations. Workshop at NUGSB

May 31, June 1-2 2017

The Third Graduation Ceremony of the University

May 27, 2017

Signing ceremony of an Agreement on further development of NUGSB between Nazarbayev University and Duke University

May 27 2017

Master class on the topic "Digital transformation - new roles and goals of IT professionals in modern business realities".

May 27, 2017

Change Acceleration Workshop

5 April, 2017 Astana

Meet NUGSB in Shanghai

March 25, 2017 Shanghai

Panel Discussion on Entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan

1 March, 2017 Astana
Seminar Announcement (1) (1)

Social Enterprise Emergence from Social Movementactivism

27 February 2017 Astana
Seminar Announcement (Luca Solo)

“Reassessing structural vars” (joint work with Mario Forni and Luca Gambetti) by Luca Sala


Effective Coaching Skills

29 November 2016 Astana
Seminar Announcement (1) (1)

Research Seminar "Keeping an Enemy, happily"! by Mushegh Harutyunyan

15 November 2016 Astana
Seminar Announcement (1) (1) (1)

Research seminar "International Knowledge and the Administrative Barriers to Mobility"

14 November 2016 Astana
Seminar Announcement_Baek

How to Stop Discrimination?: Professional Construction of Diversity Management Practices in Korea

13 October 2016 Astana
Seminar Announcement (1) (1)_Poti (1)

Private firms’ cash holding decisions: The role of risk attitudes

11 October 2016, Astana
Final Version

Self-control as an interpersonal resource

11 October 2016, Astana
фин сек

Lecture by Mr. John Tsang, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong

15 September 2016, Astana
Seminar Monte

Internationalizing-Innovation Profiles And High-Technology: Does Lone Genius Matter?

16 August 2016 Astana

Tech Garden Fest

25 June 2016 Astana

A Dynamic Clustering Approach to Data-driven Assortment Personalization

19 May 2016 Astana
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Portfolio Choice Based on Third-Degree Stochastic Dominance

22 April 2016 Astana
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Fundamentals of Finance for Managers

15-16 March 2016 Astana

Information Session on MBA Programs

1 March 2016 Almaty

MBA25 Fair in Almaty

29 February 2016 Almaty

Meet Duke Event and MBA Information Session

24 February 2016 Astana
Begin EMBA Fair in Almaty (1)

QS World MBA Tour in Moscow

20 February 2016 Moscow
ханин 1

Negative Institutional Forces, Institutional Work, and The Strategies Of Social Entrepreneurs

2 February 2016 Astana

Information Session on MBA Programs

27 January 2016 Astana
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Bayesian Learning and Statistical Discrimination in the Market for Small Business Loans

03 December 2015 Astana