Webinar – The Future of Global Supply Chains (webinar) by David De Remer, a NUGSB Assistant Professor 

Released –  June 25, 2020

Abstract: The recent era of globalization had already been threatened by trade conflict between U.S. and China. Now more countries are re-thinking their level of dependence on China. Caught in the middle is Kazakhstan, which has long been counting on expanded global trade with China for the success of its Belt and Road Initiative investments. So, how are the global changes likely to impact the economy of Kazakhstan?


Webinar – Online Business Talk and Coffee: “Platform-based Business: Strategies and Opportunities” by Assistant Professor Jiyang Dong

Abstract: “In the age of AI, data is the new oil, and China is the new Saudi Arabia”. Can this analogy help us to understand the challenges and opportunities facing platform businesses, such as Raxmet, Indriver and Astykzhan?