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Research Seminar “Stronger Together: Understanding How to Prevent, Reduce, or Eliminate Abusive Supervision in the Workplace"

tomas otter

Research Seminar “Bayesian Consumer Profiling”

March 5, 2020

Research Seminar “HRM in the context of uncertainty and crisis: a systematic review of literature (2000-2018)”


Research Seminar “The Informational Value of Category Captainship Arrangements”


Research Seminar The effect of capital gains tax policy changes on long-term investments

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Research Seminar “Africapitalism, MNEs, and the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa”

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Research Seminar “When Should Biopharmaceutical Rivals Form an R&D Alliance?”

Seminar Announcement Dana

Research Seminar “Building blocks of informal institutions: implications for international business”

February 19, 2019
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Research Symposium on Operations Management

December 4, 2018

BUSINESS TALK & COFFEE - Power and Influence in Organizations: An Organizational Economics Approach

November 22, 2018
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Research seminar “Deviate or not, it’s a Matter of Experience: Organizational Adaptation to Dynamic Institutional Pressures”

Seminar Announcement Haris

Research Seminar “Manufacturing Research and Innovation: Technology Management and Business Lessons Learned”

Seminar Announcement Gawin

Research Seminar “A Coherent Methodology for Economic Capital & Stress Testing” by Gavin Kretzschmar

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Research Seminar “Effects of Early Childhood Education on Adolescent Behavioral Outcomes” by Shintaro Yamaguchi

Seminar Announcement Wilfred

Research Seminar “The Charm of Behavior-Based Pricing: The Effects of Consumer Valuations, Reference-Dependent Utility and Switching Cost”

Seminar Announcement David Robinson

Research seminar "Knowledge, Fear and Beliefs: Household Demand for Socially Responsible Investments" by Dr. David T. Robinson

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Research seminar "Making Gini Conditional: a regression-based tool for understanding inequality" by Dr. Chris Ahlin

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Social Enterprise Emergence from Social Movementactivism

27 February 2017 Astana
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“Reassessing structural vars” (joint work with Mario Forni and Luca Gambetti) by Luca Sala

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Lecture by Mr. John Tsang, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong

15 September 2016, Astana
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Research seminar "International Knowledge and the Administrative Barriers to Mobility"

14 November 2016 Astana
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Research Seminar "Keeping an Enemy, happily"! by Mushegh Harutyunyan

15 November 2016 Astana
Seminar Announcement_Baek

How to Stop Discrimination?: Professional Construction of Diversity Management Practices in Korea

13 October 2016 Astana
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Private firms’ cash holding decisions: The role of risk attitudes

11 October 2016, Astana
Final Version

Self-control as an interpersonal resource

11 October 2016, Astana
Seminar Monte

Internationalizing-Innovation Profiles And High-Technology: Does Lone Genius Matter?

16 August 2016 Astana
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Portfolio Choice Based on Third-Degree Stochastic Dominance

22 April 2016 Astana

A Dynamic Clustering Approach to Data-driven Assortment Personalization

19 May 2016 Astana
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Negative Institutional Forces, Institutional Work, and The Strategies Of Social Entrepreneurs

2 February 2016 Astana
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Bayesian Learning and Statistical Discrimination in the Market for Small Business Loans

03 December 2015 Astana