No more mystery around Big Data anymore

2017-11-08 13:43:30

The topic of using Big Data for making business decisions is now very popular in the West. However, in Kazakhstan very few companies use these technologies in practice. This is due not only to the level of business development, but also to the shortage of relevant specialists.


On November 3-4, 2017, Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business  hosted “Demystifying Big Data” workshop, which was conducted by Dr. Anatoli Colicev. This two-day seminar was devoted to the basic ideas of data analytics and the interaction between data science and business decisions. Participants from various companies representing retail, banking, insurance, education, manufacturing, etc. were able to assess the benefits that Big Data technologies can bring to their organizations.


Dr. Colicev started the seminar with the introduction of modern data analytics in the era of Big Data, and then continued to review basic and advanced statistical methods. Throughout the course participants discussed advanced practical examples such as the structure of Big Data, the use of Big Data in the analysis of social networks, in artificial intelligence, machine learning and text analysis.


High organizational and teaching level of the workshop was very positively evaluated by the participants. The Graduate School of Business plans to continue to run seminars on this hot topic.