NUGSB develops international relations

2017-11-30 09:04:06

It is notable that Graduate School of Business of Nazarbayev University is the only one Fuqua’s partner in the world, an agreement on cooperation with which has been prolonged by 2021. Today synergy between these two educational institutions has reached a new level, whereas previously they cooperated, now it is full collaboration.

According to Assel Uvaliyeva, the Executive Director of Graduate School of Business of Nazarbayev University, the purpose of this partnership is to create the atmosphere of free Western education in Kazakhstan, when student and instructor speak the same language, and their main purpose is the joint exchange of knowledge and experience.  This is a new approach for Kazakhstan, where the instructor historically turned out to be ahead of its student, however modern educational methods do not provide for such approach.  Graduate School of Business of Nazarbayev University is among the pioneers and it tries to build the system where harmonious relations between professor and student are at the top.   

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