NUGSB helps entrepreneurs from all over Kazakhstan to grow their business

2017-02-23 12:09:33

During the whole May, 420 managers of small and medium enterprises from all over Kazakhstan will receive special trainings in business at the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NUGSB). This is a part of the governmental program “Business Roadmap 2020: Small & Medium Enterprise Executive Development Program” funded by the Ministry of National economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and supported by DAMU. The program is delivered by NUGSB in partnership with Duke Corporate Education (USA).


NUGSB in partnership with Duke Corporate Education created this training program for SME managers to broaden and deepen their knowledge and expertise. Launched in 2011, this program provides business education and support to entrepreneurs and senior managers of small and medium size business in Kazakhstan who want to significantly grow their business.


After the residential module, there will be a series of on-line webinars. Then participants of the program will submit their Business Plans to receive comprehensive feedback from the faculty.DSCN4610