Предвестники и последствия функционально-психологического поведения в высшем образовании

2016-03-26 13:30:12

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business invites you to Lunch-time Research Seminar


by Daniel Lund 

WHEN: Tuesday, April 12th, 12.00 – 13.00

WHERE: Block C-3/new GSB/GSPP Building, 3rd floor, Room 3.037


The antecedents and consequences of psychopathic behavior in Higher Education have received little to no research attention. Apart from academia, a wide range of studies explore the factors that determine and influence psychopathic traits in some people, the consequences of criminal behavior of psychopaths and the effects of ‘functional’ white-collar psychopathic activities in business organizations. This presentation provides an insight into some of the causes and characteristics of psychopathy and evaluates its likely prevalence and influence in Higher Education organizations. Hypotheses and questions are proposed for further exploring this prevalent but often ‘unspoken’ phenomenon in Higher Education.



Nick Forster – Professor, retired

Daniel W. Lund – Associate Professor, Nazarbayev University


Dr. Daniel Lund is an Associate Professor of Business Management at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business. He has taught at leading universities in China, Mexico, Australia, Saudi Arabia and now Kazakhstan. His main areas of teaching are in International HRM, Intercultural Management, Strategic Management, Business Communications and related qualitative courses. He is an International Faculty Fellow with the MIT Sloan School of Management and served as a Dean in China and Saudi Arabia. Prior to academia, he worked in the North American film, music and mining industries for many years. Dr. Lund’s research focuses on managerial and organizational effectiveness across cultures.