Small & Medium Enterprise Executive Development Program


Launched in 2011, the “Small & Medium Enterprise Executive Development Program” provides business education and support to entrepreneurs and senior managers of small and medium size business in Kazakhstan who want to significantly grow their business.

This program is sponsored and funded by the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is supported by the Damu fund.

The “Small & Medium Enterprise Executive Development Program” aims at introducing the latest models of growing successful business, developing skills of efficient management of the existing enterprise and addressing strategic and tactical business challenges. Nazarbayev University delivers the program in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, part of Duke University (USA).


The structure of the program has three parts:

Part 1: Residential Training

The program commences with a 3-day residential module held at the Graduate School of Business of Nazarbayev University in Astana. This module is taught in English with simultaneous translation into Russian.

Part 2: Webinars

After the residential module, there is a series of three online webinars.  These webinars are interactive and allow participants to ask questions to a Kazakhstan business expert.

Part 3: Developing Business Plan

After the residential sessions, participants are encouraged to submit Business Plans. The business plans are submitted electronically and after the professor’s review they are returned to the participants with the personal feedback.

After successful completion of the program, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate entitles SME alumni to participate in the “Business Connections” program.


The tuition fee for the program is covered by the state.

Program provides all materials and meals during residential module.

The transportation and accommodation costs in Astana are covered by the participants.

Program starts in May 2019.

In order to participate in the program you should apply through regional branches of the “Damu” fund. More information about the program and contact details of the “Damu’s” regional branches are available on their website here

The teleproject “In Detail” on Khabar 24 channel with Laura Kunekova tells about the opportunities of Kazakhstan entrepreneurs to pass a free master class from “world’s sharks of business”.

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Last News

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Upcoming Events

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