Small & Medium Enterprise Executive Development Program

Launched in 2011, the ‘Business Roadmap 2020: Small & Medium Enterprise Executive Development Program’ provides business education and support to entrepreneurs and senior managers of small and medium size business in Kazakhstan who want to significantly grow their business.

This program is sponsored and funded by the Ministry of National economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is supported by DAMU. The program has been designed and delivered by Duke Corporate Education, part of Duke University (USA), and in association with the Graduate School of Management at Nazarbayev University.

The program aims to reach 420 participants a year and runs from April to November. The delivery is split over 14 cohorts of 30 participants. The objectives are to enable participants:

  • To be able to undertake a sound assessment of potential new business ideas and to consider which ideas have the greatest commercial potential;
  • To understand the management, marketing, financing, operating and planning components of growing profitable businesses;
  • To reflect on the challenges facing small and medium business leaders in Kazakhstan by networking and learning from other participants;
  • Interact with legal, financial and investment experts from within the Kazakhstan business community;
  • To undertake the development of a market feasibility plan and receive feedback;
  • Access materials and templates to develop a comprehensive business plan.

 The structure of the program has three parts:

Part 1: Residential Training

The program commences with a 3 day residential module held at Nazarbayev University in Astana.This module is taught in English by our partners from Duke University (USA) with simultaneous translation into Russian.

Part 2: Webinars

After the residential module, there is a series of three on-line ‘webinars’ (each lasting approximately 90 mins over a period of a month). These webinars are interactive and allow participants to ask questions to a Kazakhstan business expert.

Part 3: Market and Business Planning

Market Feasibility Plan: First, participants are encouraged to complete a comprehensive Market Feasibility Plan to test the potential of their business ideas for growth. Within a month of submisison, they receive feedback from the program faculty.
Business Plan: Upon receiving feedback on the Market Feasibility Plan, participants then have the option to complete a more in-depth Business Plan.

The teleproject “In Detail” on Khabar 24 channel with Laura Kunekova tells about the opportunities of Kazakhstan entrepreneurs to pass a free master class from “world’s sharks of business”.

For more information please contact us:
Bakyt Ospanova, Executive Education Program Manager: +7 7172 70 91 84.