EMBA students have one orientation week, 10 core classes, 5 elective pairs, thesis, distinguished guest speakers. They spend two weekends every five weeks, and travel to a residency abroad in Durham, NC, USA at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. 

  • Orientation
This week-long module lays the foundation for the development of skills necessary for success in the EMBA program: Computer Applications, Business Math, Consequential Leadership and Team Building.
  • Core
The twelve required core courses cover the fundamental building blocks of a sound business education. These include: Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Management and Organizations, Quantitative Tools for Managers, Marketing, Foundations of Finance, Foundations of Strategy, Managerial Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Electives
EMBA students choose 3 courses applicable to career goals based on a rank-order of preferences identified by the class. A sample of the courses that may be offered includes: Pricing, Valuation, Raising Capital, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Investments, Decision Models, Investments, and Emerging Markets Strategy
  • EMBA Thesis
The thesis allows each EMBA student to develop skills and expertise specific to his/her career goals, and industry or organizational challenges through the application of knowledge gained in the program to address a key research problem of interest to their companies.