Student life

As a new institution, the experience here is yours; as a student in the formative years of the school, make NUGSB fit your vision and let it mold you both professionally and personally.

student_life_1 Student-led organizations allow you to put your ideas into action and assume an active role in shaping your social environment. student_life_2 You will receive individual attention and coaching to assist you in achieving your career aspirations. student_life_3

You can find accommodations off campus, or there is graduate student housing on campus for which you may apply for.


Multi-functional sport complex that includes areas for: basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, boxing ring, martial arts, fitness gym, and dance studio.


Every week NU Library’s collection grows by thousands of new materials, including books, CDs, periodicals and reference materials.


There are a lot of networking events with companies and other bright young professional. Be in the right place!