Application process

Application process

STEP 1. Read the admissions requirements

Please take 10 minutes of your time before you start the application process to read and follow the guidance which is given on the Admissions Requirements page.

STEP 2. Start online registration  Apply Now

The whole application process is done via Nazarbayev University online admissions portal. All the applications and the documents required have to be submitted through the online admissions portal: no application or document will be accepted by email.
To apply online, you will be asked to set up a user account using your email address, and you should use this email for all enquiries. All correspondence during the selection process will take place by email.

Press the “Sign up” button to set up your account (see picture 1).

Picture 1

Picture 1

On the “Registration” page select “Masters” from the dropdown list, tick the program(s) you wish to apply for, fill in all the boxes below, and press the “Registration” button.
Attention! Make sure to provide accurate information (you must write your name in English as it appears in your passport) as this information will automatically appear in your application form (see picture 2).

Picture 2

Picture 2

In order to complete the registration process and activate your account you need to click the link that was sent to your email address. Once you activate your Nazarbayev University account, go to “My Application Forms” menu and choose the program you are going to apply to (Master of Science in Finance form).


Firstly, go to the Honor Code Button (see picture 3).

Picture 3

Secondly, read the Honor Code and push the button “I agree” (see picture 4).

Honor code

Picture 4

Now you are able to open, complete and upload the application form (see picture 5).

Без заголовка

Picture 5

The application form will be opened in a separate tab/window. Fill it in and attach a passport size picture of yourself. The fields highlighted in yellow are mandatory fields (see picture 6).

Application form

Picture 6

Please make sure you provide accurate information for your two referees (you can provide only one email address for each referee). As soon as you press the “Submit” button on your personal page, an email will be generated automatically and sent to the referees’ email addresses you have provided.
In addition, please ensure that your referees reply to our request with the scanned copy of the reference letter to within 10 days of receiving the email.
Applicants are not permitted to view their reference letters. They are strictly confidential and will only be read by those people responsible for assessing your application.

After you press the “Upload” button, your application form will automatically appear on your personal page (refresh the page if necessary).

The next step is to attach all supporting documentation.

You will be asked to pay an application fee at the time of submission.
Application fee – KZT 30,000. The fee can be paid online by credit card. Cash is not accepted. Your payment is non-refundable, even if you withdraw the application or if the application is denied.

After you press the “Submit” button, the application will be sent to the Graduate School of Business and you will not be able to make any further changes.
Once your application is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

STEP 4. Interview with Admissions committee 

Interview with the Admissions Committee members takes place on campus in Astana or Skype interview. Applicants may choose among 2 options: either to attend face-to-face interview or have it remotely (usually via skype). The interview lasts from 25 to 40 minutes. You will be asked questions about your background and your aspirations, and how the program you are applying to fits with your future career plans.



Dear Applicant to the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program at Nazarbayev University!

In order to demonstrate strong quantitative skills, candidates should take the GRE or GMAT standardized test to apply for the MSF program.

Both tests are accepted worldwide and are a great fit to determine candidate’s readiness for the program.

There are no set minimum requirements for the tests, however we encourage candidates to do well.

To better decide on what test to take, please click the link

For registration, tests centers and more information about the tests, please visit the official GRE and GMAT websites: 

1. GRE  –

  • The test is divided into the following sections: Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Analytical writing
  • You need to take the General GRE test
  • More attention should be given to the Quantitative reasoning section. The official GRE website features supporting material and topics here 
  • In order to take the test, you need to register on the ETS account and choose the test center and the date.

2. GMAT –

  • GMAT exam is divided into the following sections: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal
  • More attention should be given to the Quantitative section click here 

Helpful links

In order to facilitate your preparation process, you can also do the following:

1) Buy or download the official GRE or GMAT preparation book. It can be found online or in bookstores

2) Download apps such as Magoosh GRE/GMAT Preps and Khan Academy to your Apple/Android device

3) Listen to GRE/GMAT Prep Podcasts

4) Subscribe on Economist preparation guides GRE , GMAT 

5) Visit helpful websites on the tests preparation:

how to study GRE one month



NU Instituitional code for sending the ETS test scores:
GMAT – H6m-R7-93
GRE – 6496

STEP 6. Wait for Admissions results

Once we get your application, fee, supporting documentation, all tests and interview results the NU Admissions Department will review your documents and contact you by email if additional information is needed. You will be notified if you are not eligible for the program. All eligible applications will be carefully reviewed and assessed by Graduate School of Business Admissions Committee members.

GSB Admissions Committee is composed of academic leaders and/or senior administrative staff from GSB and representatives from GSB’s strategic partner.

After all application screening process finalized, the Admissions Committee will invite top bright and talented applicants to join the program. Every applicant will be notified of the outcome by email.
Successful applicants are expected to confirm their intention of enrolment.

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