What is GRE or GMAT?


GMAT and GRE, at first glance, are almost identical tests. However, they are not. Let’s try to figure out and understand the difference and similarity, and how to choose a suitable exam.
Of course, both tests are similar. These are two adaptive analytical ability tests in English. Applicants take these tests for admission to postgraduate programs. They are similar in the set of sections. Each includes Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical Writing sections. 

Differences between GMAT and GRE
 The difference between the exams is that GRE can also be paper-delivered (important for those who are not so good at computer skills). It is required to write 2 essays in GRE, and there were made changes in GMAT in 2012, where 1 essay was replaced by the Integrated Reasoning section.

GRE is a test that must be taken for admission to master’s, PhD or other postgraduate courses in universities in the United States and some other countries. This test is supervised by a special organization, Educational Testing Service (ETS). There are also special GRE tests in physics, chemistry, biology, music, etc. These tests should be taken by those who are interested in pursuing the master’s degree in the relevant specialty. The results of the GRE are valid for 5 years and are the decisive factor for admission to many universities. There are two types of GRE test: GRE General and GRE Subject. The first assesses the general knowledge of candidates, and the second one allows to determine the level of training in certain areas of knowledge: mathematics, physics, biochemistry,cell and molecular biology, chemistry, biology, English literature,
computer technology, psychology.

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Tips for taking the GRE test


The first thing you need to pay attention to in preparation for the GRE test is the level of English. It should be at least Advanced to understand the conditions of tasks and to complete them quickly. Even to those, who consider their level of English to be good enough, experts recommend to further work on its improvement. 

Importance of practical training

Many make the mistake of focusing on studying the theory, completely forgetting about the GRE test practice. If you want to get a high score in test, you need to understand how important practice is when preparing. 

Introduction to the Test

Performing regular practical exercises has many advantages. First, it allows to study in more detail the features of the exam structure and its tasks. There are three sections in the GRE exam, each of which evaluates a specific skill: it is necessary to understand the meaning of words well, to be able to analyze the structure of the text, highlight the main meaning in it and draw specific conclusions, to analyze and interpret mathematical data, it is necessary to demonstrate the ability to structurally and correctly express thoughts in writing. At the same time, each of the sections contains a certain set of tasks that differ in requirements and format. Having dealt with the intricacies of their completion during preparation, you can significantly increase your chance of getting a good score.

Work on the speed

Completion of various tasks gives the opportunity to learn to feel the time. It is limited during the test: all sections must be completed in approximately 4 hours. If during the GRE test practice you do not learn how to quickly complete tasks, then the exam will be a real problem, since you might have no time to complete all sections. Using the practice tests, you can develop the skill of quick completion of exercises and determine the optimal pace, which will allow you to quickly and promptly cope with the tasks of all sections. At the same time, you will feel in what mode you will need to solve tasks on the real exam.

Assessment of knowledge

Practical tasks are also important because they allow you to see the level of your knowledge. In this case, you can also use practice tests that have an automatic evaluation system. By doing the exercises, you will be able to see the real level of your knowledge. Also, you will understand what tasks are the most difficult for you. Having time to prepare, you can replenish your knowledge, to understand in more detail the tasks and learn how to complete them quickly. In addition, the results of this test will assess your readiness for the upcoming exam at the end of training. 

Preparation for GRE: work on each section

The strategy of successful preparation for the GRE exam is to carefully study each of its sections. Below we will give tips on successful preparation for all sections  individually.

  • Verbal Reasoning section

The most difficult for many is the Verbal section. Several text fragments and 40 questions to be answered after reading them are the main evaluation instrument. All of them are designed to assess a student’s ability to draw conclusions, use arguments, identify key points, and understand printed text and individual words. To successfully complete all tasks, the preparation for the GRE should include regular reading of a variety of literature, learning new words and complex lexical constructions. In addition, the candidate must learn to quickly determine the main meaning of the read and to reason correctly using the available information.
In the process of preparation, it is recommended to practice through practice tests and various exercises that can be easily found on the Internet. 

We recommend you to pay attention to the following resources: 

  1. greguide.com/gre-practice-tests.html
  2. manhattanprep.com/gre/resources/practice-gre-test-full.cfm
  3. kaptest.com/gre/gre-practice/free-gre-practice-test
  4. testprep.ru/ru/about/?sl=73
  5. testprepreview.com/modules/analogies1.htm

This will allow you to become more familiar with the requirements of this section and gain valuable skills to complete tasks quickly. 

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Preparation for GMAT: secrets of successful test-taking


GMAT exam shall be passed for admission to foreign universities for master’s, MBA, EMBA, PhD and other programs related to finance, management, business and economics. Good preparation for GMAT is the only way to get the score you need. 

You need to work hard to get a good result in the GMAT exam. This test carries out a comprehensive assessment of the level of knowledge and analytical skills, which allows to see the degree of the candidate’s readiness to study at a higher educational institution. It is because of these features the preparation for the GMAT should cover various areas of knowledge allowing to obtain the most important and necessary skills. 

First, you need to work on imroving the English level. It is necessary to know at least at the Upper-Intermediate level to understand all the requirements and conditions of GMAT.  Therefore, it is necessary to expand the vocabulary while preparing focusing on academic and scientific terms. You also need to devote time to in-depth study of grammar and rules of English, since it is very difficult to complete the tasks of Sentence Correction and writing section of the test without this knowledge. It is also necessary to carefully study the structure of the exam and get acquainted with the different types of its tasks. This will allow not only to better navigate during real testing, but will also provide an opportunity to correctly draw up a training plan. Using the knowledge of GMAT features, you can make your training more effective. 

GMAT Verbal

Reading books and a variety of literature allows to expand the vocabulary and learn to understand the printed text, defining the main idea. All this will be useful not only for understanding the conditions of the tasks, but also for their completion. Preparation for the GMAT should be done by working through each section. So, while preparing for the tasks of the Verbal section, it is recommended to master the technique of fast reading. Having such a useful skill, you can save a lot of time on the exam. 


In the Analytical Writing section, it is required to write a beautiful and grammatically correct essay with a thought-out structure in 30 minutes. It is not easy to do it without good preparation. Therefore, it is necessary to practice a lot and hard in writing texts on various topics. It is very good if they are checked by an experienced teacher who can find lexical and grammatical mistakes and help with their correction.

GMAT Quantitative & Integrated Reasoning

The mathematical section (Quantitative) provides for the solution of various problems in arithmetic, statistics and geometry. Despite all the seriousness, this section is considered to be the easiest in the exam. When preparing, it is enough simply to repeat the school curriculum and practice in doing various exercises. It will be much more difficult to answer the questions of the Integrated Reasoning section. To answer them correctly, you need to learn how to analyze data from different sources and draw reasoned conclusions. 

The test of analytical abilities is the basis of the exam. This skill is assessed in all sections, so its development needs to be given the most important role. The only way to expand your analytical skills at the moment is to practice. Practice is the main component of success. And it should concern all sections of the exam. You need to learn how to complete tasks of verbal, mathematical and writing sections in conditions as close as possible to the test. 

To do this, you can find practice interactive exercises online or buy a special textbook with a disc containing practice tests and tasks. Nevertheless, the chances of successful test-taking will increase significantly if the training will be carried out under the guidance of an experienced teacher who can point out mistakes, teach the basics of analysis and demonstrate it on real examples. 

Preparation for GMAT covers a wide range of skills, so before it starts, you need to develop your own learning strategy. The plan of study will allow to move exactly in that direction which can provide all necessary knowledge and guarantee a good result. 

What are the main advantages of preparing for test attending specialized courses?

Lessons with an experienced teacher who will tell you about all the specifics of the test. This will help you avoid common mistakes. You will learn about the gaps in your knowledge, consult about the literature, talk to the person who has already passed the exam on their own.

During the course, you will take a practice test and write an essay, which will be checked and discussed in detail by the teacher. You will be provided with proven textbooks that have been developed by leading experts in the field of GMAT preparation.
You will save a lot of time, because you do not have to analyze a huge amount of information that is offered in the network, you will be provided with it in the optimal time.

Individual training program for GMAT

If you are a busy person, whose life flows according to a very difficult schedule, you are constantly on the move and there is no opportunity to regularly attend classes in a group, the ideal preparation for GMAT will be individual classes with a teacher.

An experienced specialist will be able to quickly and efficiently prepare you for the exam; he/she will develop a special program of preparation for the test individually for the student. You will learn all the necessary information about the intricacies of the exam. Based on your level of knowledge and training, the tutor will set the right direction to work with the most difficult moments. In addition, the teacher will offer you additional material, advise literature that will help you pass the exam and get the desired score.

The teacher will develop with you an individual strategy of time management, which can be used directly on the exam. Due to such a versatile preparation, you will acquire an excellent foundation of knowledge for a successful test-taking.

Textbooks for GMAT: the best of the best

You can effectively prepare for testing if you study time-tested textbooks to prepare for GMAT. Indeed, you can find a huge number of practice tests, techniques, tips and other information on the Internet. This will all be useful only if you have already developed your test preparation program. Therefore, do not neglect the basic textbooks to prepare for GMAT from the best world specialists.

First, attention should be paid to the following textbooks, in which you will find a large number of training tasks, as well as excellent descriptions of the structure of the test, a lot of useful tips that can be used during the test:

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