Business event "ESG: Fundamentals and Agenda in Kazakhstan"

On July 28 on the campus of Nazarbayev University was held an alumni event. The guest of the evening was Yerlik Karazhan, co-founder and director of ESGQ rating agency, Ph.D. in Economics, Master of the London School of Economics under the Bolashak program and a specialist in sustainable development♻️ with more than 25 years of experience in various fields, including the oil and gas industry (BG, NCOC), consulting, media and education.

ESGQ rating agency is the first ESG🌐 rating agency in Central Asia, whose methodology is based on the best world practices and complies with both the TCFD recommendations and the standards of GRI, GRESB, SASB, CDP, etc.

The topic✅ of the meeting: "ESG: Fundamentals and Agenda in Kazakhstan". The event was held in the format of discussion, questions and answers. Yerlik Karazhan shared his vision and told the story of how he connected his professional activity with the theme of sustainable development.

The topics covered during the meeting:

- ✔️ESG fundamentals and agenda

- ✔️Features of the agenda in Kazakhstan

- ✔️How the agenda correlates with the country's strategic documents

- ✔️Global trends

- ✔️Recommendations and discussion on advancing the agenda

- ✔️What to expect in the future in Kazakhstan in the context of sustainable development

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