We provide two seminars at special price only this spring!

Participants can take both of the seminars Fundamentals of finance for managers and Financial evaluation of business projects, getting fundamental knowledge in the first one and continuing, get applied skills of financial evaluation of business projects.

Special offer: participants of both seminars get additional discount. Price for two seminars: 249 000 KZT


Fundamentals of finance for managers

1 085

This course provides an applied introduction to the key topics in finance and accounting. In the process we will also introduce concepts and terminology of financial accounting. As a result, program participants will better understand the basics of financial management and be able to engage in more meaningful discussions with financial professionals.

The program will start with an introduction to finance and accounting terminology and concepts: basics of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and cash flow projections.
You will learn how to interpret the financial statements. You will learn about breakeven analysis, asset valuation, and financial forecasting. The program will close with a discussion of common mistakes made by companies in their financial management. We will also discuss the financial system (including the monetary and fiscal policies, and the taxation) in Kazakhstan and its implications for doing business.

Dates:  April 25-26, 2016


Financial evaluation of business projects

1 025

Business projects come in many different forms: launching a new product, expanding the line of existing business, entering a new market, reengineering of the processes, modernizing, organizational restructuring, quality improvement, cost saving, and so forth. A project is desirable and should be undertaken if it creates new value. This happens, roughly speaking, when the project generates more profit than the project costs.

Project evaluation is a set of concepts, methods, and tools used to estimate financial value created by a business project. These days, almost universally, business project evaluation is done by modeling the project’s finances in a computer spreadsheet. The process entails gathering information about the project which serves as model inputs (estimates of required investment, capital and operating costs, prices of inputs and outputs, production capacity and volumes, and so forth), thinking through all consequences and incremental effects that the project causes, forecasting the project’s cash flows, and calculating the project’s NPV (Net Present Value). A project’s NPV is the value added to the business by undertaking the project.

 Dates:  Delivered over four classes during one week:

  • Evenings of April 27, 28, 29 (Wednesday, Thursdya, Friday) 18:00-21:15
  • Morning of April 30 (Saturday) 9:00 – 12:15.


If you have any questions, please contact us by email gsb.exed@nu.edu.kz or by phones +7 (7172) 69 45 74, 70 91 83, 70 66 67