Strategic Marketing Program

2015-07-15 15:58:30

Determining the optimal “go-to-market” strategy in real market situations requires making a large amount of complex and interrelated decisions on sales force management, pricing, product design and advertising, all within the context of the market place, competitive dynamics and uncertainty about consumer behavior. Participants will learn to make marketing strategy decisions and immediately see the impact of their decisions in a computerized simulation environment. The computer simulation will allow experimentation with “what if” questions, and determine how all marketing strategy decisions are interrelated.


Topics include:

  • Interaction between all the marketing variables
  • Sales forecasting, Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  • Marketing research tools that help support marketing strategy analysis & decisions
  • Business cases that illustrate the interaction of marketing decision variables
  • A computer-based business simulation that allows participants to actively experience the dynamics of competition.

For Whom

The strategic marketing program is designed for marketing professionals and business executives involved in making strategic decisions about the product offering(s) of their company. Previous experience or exposure to marketing is recommended.

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