The Global Executive MBA – Class of 2016 has visited Astana for the first time.

2015-07-01 15:25:26

by Assemzhan Kispayeva

29 students of The Duke MBA – Global Executive program have visited Astana, Kazakhstan – their first class residency in the country. The following countries were represented in the class: Brazil, Canada, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Republic of Korea, Russia, UK, and USA.


 The Duke MBA—Global Executive program is designed to help full-time working professionals earn a world-class MBA in only 15 months and  study in 7 different locations across the world, including Astana residency for the first time ever.

First day of the residency was marked by the Tour around Astana, visit to the newly opened National Museum of Kazakhstan, and the Khazret Sultan Mosque.  On the 22nd of June the Global Executive MBA Class visited the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business for the Speaking Session by Kuandyk Bishimbayev followed by lunch with the students.


Nazarbayev University Executive Vice President Maksat Mamashev, Global Executive ’13, welcomed the GEMBA class and introduced guest speaker Chairman of National Holding Baiterek  Kuandyk Bishimbayev. The students benefited from learning about the strategy and the history of Baiterek Holding, they learned about economic situation in Kazakhstan, challenges and opportunities related to commerce in our region.

In the last day of the residency, GEMBA Class, Executive MBA participants and Alumni of the GSB had a fantastic opportunity to join for a Global Leader Keynote address by Mr. Yerbolat  Dossaev, Minister of National Economy. Mr. Dossayev informed the audience about the preserved stability in Kazakhstan in terms of social and economic development, he highlighted that the Government actively stimulates small and medium-sized business, supports exporters and attracts investors.


Finally, it should be mentioned, that Nazarbayev University is proud that our collaboration with the Fuqua School of Business, this partnership is growing and expanding and the relationship between the two schools progress. And recently we could witness such an opportunity for the Global Executive MBA Program. The week in Astana for the first time ever and visit to the Nazarbayev University was a wonderful opportunity to have access to diverse companies, industries, and partners — a unique professional network. It provided the real-world experience that will help students develop global competence.