Tim Miller


It has been a privilege for me to lead the Tengizchevroil (TCO) partnership for the last four years. TCO operates the Tengiz and Korolev fields in
Western Kazakhstan. Tengiz is the world’s deepest producing super giant field that was discovered in 1979. The TCO partnership was formed in 1993 and production from TCO accounts for 30% of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s crude oil output.
The success of TCO has been built on the hard work and dedication of its workforce through the years. Today, Kazakhstani citizens hold 86 percent of TCO positions, compared to 50 percent in 1993. Kazakhstani managers and supervisors represent 75 percent of the TCO managerial workforce. Ongoing training and development programs exist to support the advancement of employees to positions of increasing responsibility. The demanding work at TCO requires our leaders to be among the best in the world. Not only do they need deep functional expertise, but they must also have the right understanding of TCO’s business drivers and how a leader’s decisions can impact every element of the business and the workforce.
The advent of the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NUGSB) and their Executive MBA program provides world-class executive business training in Kazakhstan. It was a great opportunity for us to select from our best and brightest to participate in this advanced business training. It was an honor for one of our employees to be accepted into the first class and her experience and the education that she received has her well positioned as a future leader of TCO. Our future rests in the hands of the young leaders of today. NUGSB helps us prepare those leaders for the challenges they will face as we continue to build on one of the longest, most productive partnerships in Kazakhstan.