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Specialized short-term programs of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NU GSB)
for gaining knowledge and improving the skills of managers and middle managers.
Custom Programs

Customized Executive Education Programs of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NUGSB) is a unique opportunity for companies to gain new knowledge and sharpen skills of its executives and middle managers.

The content of the courses are developed depending on the needs of the participants, considering the features of the modern business environment and an experience of successful foreign/international companies. Trainings are carried out by qualified faculty and business leaders.

  • The program design is developed based on special needs of a company;
  • The opportunity to study examples and business cases related to this specific company;
  • the high rank of the Customized Executive Education Faculty;
  • the convenience of studying in a group consisting of employees of the same company.
01.Needs assessment.
Representatives of a company contact the NUGSB to define the direction of the educational program and priority needs of the company (define the area, specific topics, special needs for the future training, what experience the faculty should have etc.)
02.Assemble team.
The NUGSB Executive Education team searches for a qualified faculty member or business leader for the program among the faculty members of the Nazarbayev University or outside if needed. This stage includes also the budget building. Since custom programs are custom-tailored, the price is usually higher compared to open-enrollment programs.
03.Program Design & Budget Building.
A preliminary program is sent for approval to the customer, and when it is approved the development of the curriculum and preparation of materials takes place.
04.Program delivery.
At this stage, the program is delivered to the customer. During this stage, the NU GSB team provides participants with full-time support to ensure a seamless and professional learning experience.
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