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Programs designed for executives, managers, and technical and mid-level business professionals, generating ideas for developing management practices.
Open Enrollment programs
Leading Change in Organizations
Leading Change in Organizations is a workshop that equips participants with knowledge, skills and tools to confidently and effectively lead people and teams through organizational change.
Managing Teams and People
Drawing on the best research and practice available, the course intended to demystify effective team work and people management.
Managerial Effectiveness:
EQ perspective
This course is aimed at equipping leaders and managers with skills and strategies in five key areas: Growth mindset, Mindful listening, Giving and receiving, Feedback, Nonverbal communication, and Empowerment techniques.
Conflict Management
Conflict in the workplace is absolutely inevitable, and an essential aspect of being a good leader is understanding how to manage it. This course immerses participants in the most advanced conflict management tools, strategies and practices.
Financial Statement Analysis for Non-Financial Managers
This course provides an applied introduction to key issues in financial reporting, financial statement analysis, and firms’ capital structures.


Negotiating raises many questions. How to make an opponent an ally and make him fight for your interests? How to convince to continue the dialogue and seek solutions together? That is why negotiation courses are so in demand.

Strategic Marketing
“Strategic Marketing" workshop is designed for managers and executives to develop their skills in understanding how to critically approach to marketing-related issues.
Strategic Thinking for Value Creation
In this intensive workshop, through a review of theory and best practices, the methods of how companies can pursue value innovation to outcompete their rivals explore will be explored.
Operations Management
The aim of this program is to develop a strategic view and management skills that help managers to address key issues of their work.
Project Management
In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the important advanced principles of strategic project management and how to apply them effectively.
Data Analytics for Executives
This self-paced course will give you the basics to better understand data and analytics, and how quantitative methods help you with challenging business decisions.

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